2022/01/10 00:12:51
OSD not working with guild wars 2.
2022/01/10 20:30:17
Actually on day 2 of I'm finding that OSD isn't working on anything and neither is the FPS function within the HWM
2022/01/13 19:13:05
i have looked and looked and can not find the solution.  Battlefield 2042 will need show OSD.
32GB crucial
windows 11
discord not opened.  Only thing open is bf2042 and px1
2022/04/18 15:32:27
Well Begorrah! didn't I finally work out how to get the OSD in Precision X1 to work in games like the New Colossus using HWiNFO64 and RivaTuner. Afterburner makes it easy but it froze the games on me and TBH I prefer x1 and the boost lock button 
Basically in HWiNFO I right-clicked and pulled up the OSD menu and maybe its me but its not as straight forward tbh, but after a bit of trial & error I got it to work and I just have to work out how to include the name of the GPU on screen. I've not tested it with others like warzone/COD but I will do so.
I used OBS to record a level in 4k using Wolfenstein II the new Colossus with everything Maxed out my 3070Ti FTW3 was amazing but I want a 4080 EVGA guys so like...gimme, gimme, GIMME! 
Best of luck to ye all...
2022/04/24 10:32:48
Hi LeeM

is it possible to find out if osd is related to my issue reported here?


there are screenshots and how issue was fixed and how evga card is performing without px1. if not osd related, i will paste under another thread.
2022/06/06 08:44:05
Has there been anymore updates on the OSD i would love to use this as i want to use one program to do everything and hate having to switch between this and afterburner. Thanks!
2022/09/14 18:39:41
Not sure if this tread is still being tracked, but hoping it is.
I generally love the OSD included with PX1, but I keep finding myself turning it off more and more often. It shows up on way too many application windows, obscuring the view. I use WSL in the new Windows Terminal, but have been unable to locate the specific .exe file I have to add to the PX1 server to disable the OSD there.
I also regularly run into issues identifying which .exe file I need to select to not have the OSD display over an application, some application folders have 10+ .exe files, and each window for the application is opening via a different, or unexpected, executable. There should really be a way to select multiple .exe files in a location, or to select an application window via a point and click method (like taking a screenshot of a window in snipping tool or Snagit)
Hopefully managing which windows and applications the OSD appears on will become easier, because I now have it disabled more than I have it enabled, and the easiest way to disable it for me is to just shut down PX1.

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