2021/12/01 15:13:34
Updates ME for Intel security vulnerabilities.
BIOS 1.07 (E599 DARK) / BIOS 1.08 (E597 FTW)

  • Update ME firmware to v6.1 for Intel security vulnerability.

Windows Installation
  • Download the correct .zip file below for your motherboard:        
         121-RL-E599-KR - EVGA Z590 DARK - v1.07
         121-RL-E597-KR - EVGA Z590 FTW - v1.08
  • First go into your BIOS and load defaults, save and exit
  • Close all open programs.
  • Go into the folder where you unzipped this package and double-click update.bat
  • Press Y to start the flash process
  • After the flashing is finished, the system will automatically shut down. Then power on again and go into BIOS to setup.
  • NOTE: If flash box immediately closes after flash attempt, the flash may need to be ran from a CMD prompt with administrator privileges or DOS version.
BIOS Installation
  • Extract the contents of .zip file to USB flash drive (must be formatted as FAT32)
  • Reboot the machine and go into the system BIOS
  • From the BIOS, navigate to the Save & Exit tab and open "Select BIOS File."
  • Select the .bin file you wish to flash.
Please let me know if anyone runs into problems with this update.  Thanks!
2021/12/15 01:59:34
Hey EVGA, I have found with 1.08 on my Z590FTW, that if I power off the PC properly (by holding shift before clicking shut down) I get this odd electronic noise coming from the motherboard around the display LED / power button...
If I power off the PC without holding shift, then there is no weird electronic noise...
I have downgraded to 1.07 and the issue is resolved, re flash back to 1.08 and issue comes back...
I have verified switching to secondary BIOS that the issue is fixed, probably due to the fact that it is running 1.04.
This happens all on factory defaults
When the noise is present, if I switch off the psu / remove the cord, and plug back in, noise is gone but obviously comes back when the PC is powered off properly.
Such an odd and strange issue, any chance you can look into it?

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