2021/11/26 08:06:21
Pretty much what the title says.  It became apparent that I needed to move the AIO from my 2070 hybrid from the back of the case to the top so that its not exhausting directly into a wall, but rather out of the top and away from a case.  I downgraded the cpu AIO from a 360 to a 240 to make room for the 120 of the 2070.
Nothing has changed other than the unit itself, everything is still wired the same, but for some reason, now it doesn't work.  I suspect that the problem may lie in one of two things-
1- I reused the usb cable from the 360, and while it seems unlikely, I suppose this may be somehow incompatible with the 240 
2- Flow Control is still looking for the 360, and doesn't recognize the new AIO.  I've tried to uninstall and reinstall flow control a few times, but it does not work.  I can't manually delete the folder because there is a driver that is always open.
Fans are already maxed out in bios.
I'm quite frustrated with this entire experience, and any help that may be available would be greatly appreaciated.
Thank you
2021/11/26 09:43:50
I doubt it's the cable, that should be standard.

Try starting Windows in Safe Mode so there's only minimal drivers that get loaded/run, then uninstall
Flow Control, then restart your PC and install Flow Control again.

There's Revo Uninstaller (Free) you can run in Safe Mode (or not) that should do a better job of uninstalling Flow Control and any leftover files, folders and registry entries when running it in Advanced Mode.

Just throwing a few things out here..Good luck.

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