2021/11/25 09:18:28
Anyone else's DIMM voltage being very inconsistent? It's been like this on my original board and the RMA'd board. I haven't tested every increment, obviously, but for example:
I set 1.375 and it gets set to 1.408 at restart. Anything between 1.45-1.474 it gets set to 1.485. Once I hit 1.475 it goes to 1.511. Is this tied to something else and that's why it's getting affected? Thoughts?
Makes fine tuning my RAM pretty rough.
2021/12/02 04:25:43
For this issue please contact EVGA technical support. 
2021/12/02 05:18:47
I would guess that the voltage is adjusting in smaller increments closer to what you selected, but what is displayed to you is too coarse to be extremely accurate. A multimeter would confirm one way or another. I mean, we are talking only 30 millivolts here. I don't know that tuning memory voltage within 30 millivolts is super important.
2021/12/02 16:30:49
My Z490 FTW & Z590 FTW does the exact same thing, I would say it's normal operation and nothing to worry about
2021/12/04 17:24:49
I just found it odd that it jumped so high from 1.475. And by high I mean relatively speaking.

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