2021/11/24 07:19:27
Some of you may recall my x58 build. As much as I like that system and now that I have the CPU pushing 4.4ghz. the ram at 2ghz 10-10-10 and the second GPU install I find myself wanting something new for once, No not NOS, new new. But I want to keep the case and sleeper vibe.
Having recently payed off my credit cards and having gotten a new credit card with a welcome bonus of 20% off amazon it was a no brainer, now is the time to build a new system. Oh and yes the 20% is capped, so wile it sounds grate its only good for 150$
On top of that amazon messed up and refunded me nearly 1200$, and oddly they don't want it back. I tried to pay them back but they stated the seller refunded me and the seller looks to be no longer on amazon. The seller was from over seas so I can't see them coming back at me its been 6 mouths anyway.
So I went over to amazon and picked out a rather good mid range z590 setup, 32gb of 4000mhz ram, a i5 and a more budget motherboard, all in all it was a under 500$. 
But I got cold feet and canceled the order.
After doing some digging for a better deal I found a new in box x299 dark for 400$. With the 20% off and a few gift cards I more or less got the board for 300$. Now a smart guy would have passed but I'm not smart. So yeah I bought the x299 dark...
Next I needed a CPU, boy was I shell shocked when I saw the prices on CPUs, I payed 275$ for a new 9800x for a client a few years back at micro-center, now folks are wanting 300+ for a used 9800x ? I thought x299 was a dead end and well hated platform?
Well the cost of a CPU was just the start of things. I need a new PSU, some new cooling bits, I may need to do a few mods to my old case, I need a new GPU. yeah, yeah, yeah, lots more to spend. 
So amazon kept messing up the order on the x299 dark motherboard, the whole idea was that I would get 20% off the motherboard with a new credit card that had a welcome bonus of 20% off amazon purchases. But since amazon would not get my address right and lost not one but 2 boards in the mail I gave up on that. After scrolling eBay I found a deal on a Asus p9x79ws, 3930k and 16gb of ram for 160$, I could not pass up on that TBH. So for the time being the build will be a x79 system.
So here are the parts I'll be using.
Case: mid 90s Pentium pro server case
Motherboard: Asus p9x79ws.
CPU: xeon 1680v2
Ram: 64gb Ripgaw X 2133mhz cl10.
GPU: 980ti.
Display: 20" 2k CRT.
Cooling: Heatkiller iv CPU block. 1/2tubbing 240mm rad and d5 pump.
PSU: FSP Hydro PTM Pro 750W.
Storage: 4 2tb HDDs raid 5, 2 250gb SSDs raid 0 boot drive.
Other parts: 70% white alps switches POS keyboard and early x7 mouse.
Cost so far.
Motherboard/ram/cpu combo: $160
CPU: 90$
PSU: $146.92
GPU: $360
CPU block: $70
Tubing/clamps: $6
Pump: $84.99
Rad: $110.50
Cost of the system so far: $668.41
Discounts/cashback/coupons: $173.28
Cash flow from selling my x58 system: $140
Cash flow from selling the ram/CPU that came with the x79 board: 50$
Wired Amazon refund: 1200$
Money left over: $894.87
On to the build.
I'm still in the planning phase so hold on for the good stuff.
2021/11/27 00:20:23
Looking forward to the build and pictures. 
2021/11/27 06:18:49
Looks like a pretty solid build so far.  I prefer the 10900X over the 9800, though
2021/11/27 06:38:05
Looks like a pretty solid build so far.  I prefer the 10900X over the 9800, though

I agree. The 10900X is a better CPU. 
2021/11/27 07:18:02
Thanks for the interest. Unfortunately In going to have to put this on the back burner. My work is planning to roll out a covid vac requirement and I been strongly advised by my doctor to not take any of them and it doesn’t look like they will be allowing any medical exceptions. The build will still move forward, just at a snails pace as I may end up needing to live on my side hustle.

Looks like a pretty solid build so far.  I prefer the 10900X over the 9800, though

I agree. The 10900X is a better CPU. 

I agree too, however both are a massive upgrade over my x58 system so it will likely come down to cost.
2021/11/29 07:47:30
Ok, so I made up my mind on the cooling parts.
I will be using a Phobya uc-1 extreme CPU block, a 240mm x-flow rad from hwlabs,1/2 tubbing with a 500lph 12v pump.
For fans I will be using 120mm 1200rpm fans from xspc and 92mm fans from scythe. 
All these parts I all ready had and are in good shape. How ever I worry about the block and rad being able to hold up to a 9800x or 10900x. The rad is rather slim and wile the uc-1 extreme is a good block its far form the best.
To help out the rad ill be gutting some 120mm fans to use as spacers on the rad fans, this will help over come the dead spot caused by the fan motor.
I might lap the CPU block, its seen a lot of use and is rather scuffed up.
2021/11/30 20:43:47
Its not much but I got the two 120mm fans gutted for the rad. The gutted fans act as spacers and help overcome the large fan motor on the xspc fans. I know it’s not much but it helps. I may put a seal around the fans too. That will help force more are though the rad. Anything to help cooling is always welcomed.

2021/12/03 20:22:29
Well aplenty amazon was having problems with the x299 dark order. They state the order got assigned as my local fulfillment center but they did not have it in stock and the order got stuck. But um good news. They found what fulfillment center it was in stock at and the board should ship out tomorrow. They gave me 30$ gift card for the trouble.
Amazon needs to fix the glitch on my account. 50% of the time my orders get refunded after delivered or stuck and never shipped.  I guess I should not complain lol I spent maybe 2k at amazon this year and about 1500$ of witch was refunded despite getting what I bought. You'd think they'd want the money back and its not like this is new ether, its been going on for years.
2021/12/03 22:31:49
Yep 10900X ;)
2021/12/03 22:43:50
Yep 10900X ;)

As tempting as it is I can’t help but feel ill get mote bang for the buck with the 9800x, heck the 10920x isn’t all that much more second hand. It will mostly come down to price.

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