2021/10/19 14:46:39
Just put a build together with an 11900kf, 3090 ftw ultra, etc.  Reset the bio with the key at the start for safe measure. Got an install of windows 10 going.  
The issue is it is not recognizing my gpu, or Ethernet.  I looked in devices and there is an error next to all pcie, network,etc saying no drivers.  I tried to download geforce and it does not do anything for the issue. 
Even more weird is the gpu gets super hot when even just in the bios.   Using my laser thermometer I clocked 145F on the back plate after only being in bios for maybe 5 minutes.  Really worried to burn something out if I fire it back up.
Any insight of what gives?
Second build, but pretty noob. Thanks!
2021/10/19 15:06:20
Did you install all the motherboard drivers that come with the board? There should have been a usb thumb drive included with all the drivers. 62c in bios is odd, but not too hot yet. Were the gpu fans running?
2021/10/19 16:05:27
I think I got it.  I was on an unsecured network and it would not allow windows to download the drivers.  
2021/10/19 16:09:57
2021/10/20 04:49:15
I was stopped in my tracks with the 590 dark and FTW when windows did not install native ethernet drivers and I had to bust out the usb set that came in the box to get the network running too. 

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