2021/10/14 17:51:18
11700k is solid. I feel when comparing all the CPU's in the same tiers, it's splitting hairs (even between Intel & AMD).
2021/10/16 05:43:07
do not get cml. 8th-10th gen cpu are all flawed. its broken. get a 11700k and a good xoc board, apex or dark. get dr bdie kits. 4000c16-16 kits. also most of the info on the internet is wrong. dont trust everybody and every info. not everyone knows what they are talking abt.(dr-2x16) 
2021/10/16 05:45:08
and dont trust the benchmarks either. its hard to get real/true info in this world. 
2021/10/18 18:45:21
Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback. I appreciate all of you taking the time to respond. 
2021/11/04 14:11:54
Any reason not looking at the i9-10850K?  I am having the same debate as MsKrissie.

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