2021/09/09 10:47:44
Here's my First attempt at hard tubing.
-Lian-Li O11D XL
-i9 10900KF
-MSI MPG z490 Carbon EK X
-32GB G.Skill Trident Z PC-3600
-EVGA 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra
-2 Samsung 980 pro m.2 SSD
-All custom EKWB cooling loop


ek O11-D XL distro plate
Distro plate installed into O-11D
Installing EK block onto my 3080 ti FTW 3



2021/09/09 11:00:26
nice job looks sweet
2021/09/09 11:03:29
Thanks Rmorse! I'm not happy with the alignment of one of the tubes for the cpu block, i'll probably buy an offset fitting to get it perfect when I have to tear it down for maintenance. I do have to say I prefer ridgid tubing with the cloud white ek cryofuel liquid.
2021/09/09 11:05:17
Flint 1760
I like what you did, good job and congratulations, and post more photos.  You might want to enter this in Mods Rig https://www.modsrigs.com/systems.aspx when the site is working again.
2021/09/09 11:09:32
Thanks Flint here a few more photos



2021/09/09 11:14:45
Very nice build, thanks for the post. 
2021/09/09 11:17:48
Thanks Gabriel! Long time EVGA Customer and supporter!!
2021/09/09 11:18:44
In 10,000 years archaeologists will be doing digs in what are now urban areas and will find O-11D cases.
But I do like the disrto plate being in the front of the case and not on the side, I don't think I seen that done before.
2021/09/09 11:22:08
Austin, I know the O11D is a meme now but I have built in about 20 different cases in my life and I must say the O11D is the most nice and easiest case to build in, In my opinion and experience. I chose this case because of the distro plate and the ease of ridgid tubing installation. If you notice I used mostly fittings to keep the runs straight vs me failing a bunch of time doing bends. But the one bend I did had 3 in it and they came out perfect first try. (I got lucky) 
2021/09/09 11:24:11
Very Nice Build. I bought a Razer 011D and was going to do the same build in the black case but being stuck with my GTX 1080 Classified it was too wide for the case. Guess that's why they made the XL case. (oops)  Had to laugh only case and or GPU i ever had an issue with Width clearance. Glad to see it worked out so well. I really wished EK would of staggered the holes on the Monoblock.  Awesome motherboard bundle. I really enjoyed the PSI tester taking the stress out of the build. You should post it to  Modrigs

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