2022/06/28 08:21:59
I dont know if its related but my z590 FTW failed.  the post code led display was completely non functional and the fans spun up to 100%.  Customer service was pretty bad on this and actually denied my RMA initially.  I cant believe I'm saying this but I think I'm going to go with asus and an extended warranty through best buy moving forward.  Here is a link to what happened with my Z590 FTW.
Z590 FTW Motherboard failure and customer support experience - EVGA Forums
2022/07/03 03:12:00
Add me to the list. Z590 FTW.
In December I decided to go back to showing the cpu temp. Yesterday the lower right segment of the first digit went dim, almost out.
More to follow, I guess.
Edit: 4 hours later and that segment is dead. But something weird. My system is idling right now going back and forth from 30 to 29 and back. The 3 digit is dim in all segments and the bad segment is dead. But the 2 digit is bright in all segments, 3 of which are also used by the 3 digit. When it switches back to the 3 digit all remaining segments go dim. The poor thing is struggling
2022/08/01 05:19:27
Frustrating and disappointing as hell.
I now firmly believe this failure is factory standard
2022/08/12 21:02:39
Add another Z590 FTW Post LED Fail.   Gonna try turning them off in bios.
2022/08/13 05:34:35
All along I assumed the led readout was defective or over driven with voltage or current.
I have since learned that with my board that is not the case.
Even now, it's a cool morning where I am, the cpu temp is 29c. The digits are nice and bright like they were brand new.
But whenever any other digit is displayed in the left digit position whether its a number or a letter (during post) then all segments of the left digit go very dim with the bottom right segment totally gone.
My conclusion is that whatever is driving the display is the problem. Maybe this will help EVGA, if they even care.
They may not since they never responded.
I'm thinking about buying the z690 Classified but researching whether they have the same problem.
2022/08/13 16:48:19
I haven't seen any z690 reports with this problem, just FYI.
2022/08/14 05:16:28
I haven't seen any z690 reports with this problem, just FYI.

Thank you for that info! That's a relief.
That readout pisses me off every time I look at it.
2022/08/14 17:04:08
My 590 FTW has worsened.. initially it was only the second digit that was having issues, now the first digit is pretty much completely gone, and the second digit only shows the vertical bars and sometimes the middle horizontal bar.
The following pic shows it, but the camera picks up a lot more light then what you see irl - the first digit you can barely see irl, and those horizontal bars on the second digit you cannot see at all irl.
I'll be RMA'ing it soon.

2022/08/17 16:15:33
Was playing Cyberpunk and looked over at my computer and the POST led display is working!

Wonder if it will last.
Edit: The only change I made recently is a new power supply. I can't imagine how that could be related and it probably isn't.

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