2021/08/13 09:41:09
I thought I would let everyone know, that currently EVGA flow control does not properly work on Windows 11. The GUI does not open at all. Also I am not sure if it's the heat where I live right now, but I don't think it adequately runs correctly.
2021/11/29 20:58:52
I'm having problems with it as well.
That and not being able to light up my RTX 2080 XC Ultra Gaming (non Super). Tried many Precision X1 versions, with no luck
2021/11/30 12:36:35
I still using EVGA Flow Control and there no issue here since upgrade to Windows 11 from 10! 
Try uninstall this software and delete Folder "Flow Control" in Program (x86)\EVGA\ ... after you have shut down Flow Control if running background.
Restart your PC and reinstall again try test how it go...
2021/12/17 22:48:25
Thanks for the update. I was thinking to update my system to Windows 11, now I need to think about it again.

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