2021/04/18 08:12:12

Wife bought me a MSI MPG Z490 Carbon EK X as a early Birthday present
I picked up an I7 10700KF and 16Gb Corsair Ram
Reusing GTX 1080 Classified
Modified Alphacool Eiswolf block
(Will never  pay scalper pricing)
Bitspower S1 Pump, Alphacool 360mm ST30, Alphacool 240mm ST30
4 Corsair ML 140 Fans Front Intake and Rear Exhaust
6 Alphacool Aurora 120mm Fans 4 top Exhaust 2 pulling on Front Rad
Coolermaster  MasterCase Pro 5
Evga 850 G+PSU w Red and Black Sleeved Wires
Aquacomputer Octo Fan Controller
Aquacomputer RGB Splitty
Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 500gb
Samsung 860 Evo sata
OCZ Arc 100 Sata
1tb mechanical for Everything Else

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2021/04/18 08:51:12
A fantastic Birthday present. Happy Birthday by the way!
2021/04/18 10:12:26
Called it the X Factor. Since i see the X tubing mark.  You could have rearrange it another way, but congratulations. I like the red tubing it pops in the black background
2021/04/18 10:20:40
Cool GTX
(Will never  pay scalper pricing)  --> I agree, do not feed the bears you just attract more
Nice Rig
2021/04/18 10:44:42
Very nice
2021/04/18 11:46:23
Thank you guys. It was an early Birthday present. My birthday is not till June, but Kelly wanted to get me something for my build. I scored the cpu $250 new and she knew I would not wait till June. The tubing needs some work. I have bitspower crystal link hard tubing. I want to upgrade to a D5 pump. So I am going to order the EK 140mm Distro plate w D5 and install it where my rear fan is and run either the crystal link hard tube or Copper line w Powder coating.
Gaming so far
Intake fans 1300 rpm
Exhaust 1200 rpm
Pump 85%
Cpu 61c
GPU 35c to 40c GPU Hot spot 46c
VRM 41c

I am always open to suggestions
Sometimes I get in my own way.

X Factor does seem fitting.
2021/04/18 17:12:31
Looks good.   You did what I thought about doing with my Eiswolf.

I wish that it had full coverage channels rather than just a GPU block, but I am still really impressed with the temps I'm getting from it.
2021/04/19 19:04:06
Very nice, the crossing tubes makes a stylish X. Also if anyone ever asks you the general location of ram in a PC tell them, "Red X marks the spot". I like how the water block you have seems to cover the entire CPU. 
2021/04/23 06:07:30
Honestly the mono block is my favorite part. This cpu is almost double the wattage of my previous cpu and my vrm temps are lower now running double the wattage. The quality of the EK block is outstanding. The included PSI tester made the build really easy
2021/04/23 07:30:01
Looking good!  Nice birthday present...

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