2021/10/20 05:09:38
My son and I are desperate but hope is never lost! At least they could give us the option to get the cool t-shirt of the survivors of the queue : D Patience
2021/10/20 05:22:20
Something tells me that before it's my turn, the sale of the model I have registered will end, and a new model will start selling, with a new queue 

Well, signing up 8 months after the launch of a card while there's an ongoing chip shortage/crisis/mining fever/scalping spree or whatever, isn't exactly the best tactic..  To be honest though, if there's any truth on the rumors about a new batch of "Super" cards, I'm pretty sure EVGA will open up new queues for those as they will probably be new SKUs. You will actually have a better chance depending on when you're going to sign up.
2021/11/02 14:36:00
You write about several months or even weeks of waiting
I've been waiting for eleven months !!!
I don't know if this isn't some kind of a scam. Some people also registered in December 2020 and got the card after 2-3 months.
08G-P5-3663-KL 12/10/2020 12:54:10 PM PT No True

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