2020/12/03 13:37:28
When do we get to sign up for RTX 3060 Ti queue?
2020/12/03 13:56:23
Maybe in a few days introducing EU queue for RTX 3060 Ti
2020/12/04 02:10:11
Still no queue for EU
2020/12/04 02:27:20
Did anybody get notifications from the past queues?
2020/12/04 03:49:03
I just wonder why you do not buy cards from your local retailers. Evga is supplying retailers in my country almost each day with all cards. Only issue is that they are sold in seconds so one must be ready. But Evga is doing what they can from what I can see, they are reliable and supplying.
2020/12/04 03:59:47
3060Ti's are now added, but the prices are mixed up (FTW cheaper than XC) and also *Orders placed on EU.EVGA.com & DE.EVGA.com & FR.EVGA.com are shipped from our Taiwan warehouse
Still no auto notify or buy button though.
2020/12/04 04:00:20
I bought one there and do not need one. But I was just wondering because I registered on the 17th of September and did not get an E-Mail. 
2020/12/04 04:18:04
I don't have info about availability, but two part numbers are now on the EU EVGA website as follows:
EVGA - EU - Products - Graphics - GeForce 30 Series Family - RTX 3060 Ti
2020/12/04 04:30:58
Finally introduce two models RTX 3060 Ti in evga.eu with prices.What a pity,no click button auto-notify.
2020/12/04 04:35:57
Finally introduce two models RTX 3060 Ti in evga.eu with prices. What a pity, no click button auto-notify.

I don't have info about availability, so you'll have to wait. 

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