2020/10/23 01:23:25
In its Q3 earnings, Intel disclosed that it is now shipping Intel's first discrete GPU - DG1. Codenamed Intel Iris Xe MAX, the GPU is set to arrive in ultraportable laptops and designs. It is based on Xe-LP design, which is Intel's GPU configuration for iGPUs and low-power models. However, to satisfy the needs of gamers, Intel will not be good with just this GPU configuration. The company would need something faster and ore power-hungry to power the highest framerates and highest resolutions. Enter the world of Xe-HPG DG2 GPU. Made for gamers, it features all the hardware-enabled features you would expect in such a GPU, like raytracing, etc. This GPU is manufactured outside Intel's fabs, most likely at TSMC's facilities. Right now, this GPU is in the alpha phase and is booting in Intel's labs, meaning that the final silicon is just a few months away.
In my opinion a third player in the GPU market will help spur further innovation. 
2020/10/23 04:29:27
Yep , let's  hope enough people buy it  for them to continue to compete in the discrete card market for improved competition all around..
2020/10/23 07:54:23
I like the idea of a 3rd player in the GPU market as well.  We'll have to wait and see how competative they can be, and whether or not they price their GPU's like they do their CPU's.
2020/10/24 08:37:32
Cool GTX
good to see progress still happening on the new Intel GPU design
2020/10/25 05:06:10
Xavier Zepherious
labs naaaaaaa......
dg1 shipoed
dg2 ready - they are waiting for AMD specs to tweak what they have
Bottom line: At Intel’s recent earnings report, CEO Bob Swan confirmed that the development of Xe GPUs is progressing well. Their low-power, budget option, codenamed DG1, is already shipping and could be available for the holiday season. Intel's high-performance gaming graphics chip is still in the early phases of testing but is looking good thus far.
intel will either use their 10nm or tsmc 7nm or 5nm 
they have bpught up fab space at tsmc for next year

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