2020/10/20 10:55:35
AMD is preparing to launch its Radeon RX 6000 series of graphics cards codenamed "Big Navi", and it seems like we are getting more and more leaks about the upcoming cards. Set for October 28th launch, the Big Navi GPU is based on Navi 21 revision, which comes in two variants. Thanks to the sources over at Igor's Lab, Igor Wallossek has published a handful of information regarding the upcoming graphics cards release. More specifically, there are more details about the Total Graphics Power (TGP) of the cards and how it is used across the board (pun intended). To clarify, TDP (Thermal Design Power) is a measurement only used to the chip, or die of the GPU and how much thermal headroom it has, it doesn't measure the whole GPU power as there are more heat-producing components.

So the break down of the Navi 21 XT graphics card goes as follows: 235 Watts for the GPU alone, 20 Watts for Samsung's 16 Gbps GDDR6 memory, 35 Watts for voltage regulation (MOSFETs, Inductors, Caps), 15 Watts for Fans and other stuff, and 15 Watts that are used up by PCB and the losses found there. This puts the combined TGP to 320 Watts, showing just how much power is used by the non-GPU element. For custom OC AIB cards, the TGP is boosted to 355 Watts, as the GPU alone is using 270 Watts. When it comes to the Navi 21 XL GPU variant, the cards based on it are using 290 Watts of TGP, as the GPU sees a reduction to 203 Watts, and GDDR6 memory uses 17 Watts. The non-GPU components found on the board use the same amount of power.
October 28th is not far away. I'm curious to see what AMD is going to bring to the GPU market. 
2020/10/22 22:06:20
Xavier Zepherious

Alleged AMD Radeon RX 6000 “Big Navi GPU” Graphics Card PCB Leaks Out – Features Dual 8-Pin Connectors, 256-bit Bus & VirtualLink Port

16 Power Phases

2020/10/22 22:29:19
Big Navi from what I heard is really really good. It’s up to AMD to price it right and make some decent drivers to go along with this good hardware..... we will see.

The way Nvidia has been acting lately I assume they know already. Competition will be a nice change.
2020/10/22 22:50:31
Impressive clock speed for a GPU, that's a record in the books made by AMD, not Nvidia😸
Go AMD go😼
2020/10/22 23:26:20
AMD losses in timespy but wins in firestrike.

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2020/10/23 12:10:16
AMD losses in timespy but wins in firestrike.


Nvidia may need some 7nm magic.
2020/10/23 14:33:07
AMD losses in timespy but wins in firestrike.


Nvidia may need some 7nm magic.

many of the Nvidia fan base.said that Nvidia has enough money 🤷 to make the best product.
Oh right, i guess that doesn't apply that theory this time
2020/10/23 15:24:20

2020/10/24 02:42:39
I wonder what thermals will be but if history is any indication.......ah nvm don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings. 

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