2020/10/16 03:34:46
For those following news about SpaceX's upcoming offering of global low latency satellite internet, I found a site that is tracking their build-up of the constellation. Very interesting to give context of how far along they are. I'm expecting this will be disruptive tech next year with internet everywhere at ~20ms latency. People want to know how commercial space development is going to pay for persistent colonization on the Moon and Mars, well this is how it starts.
2020/10/16 04:22:35
The poor scientists in Antarctica don't get any satellite that sucks.  Kinda scary we are surrounded by all these satellites...
2020/10/16 04:45:07
Why are there so many already de-orbiting and burning up?
2020/10/16 04:58:40
Why are there so many already de-orbiting and burning up?

The majority were the original test ones. They purposely deorbited them as they are obsolete.
2020/10/16 05:53:17
Why are there so many already de-orbiting and burning up?

They put them up 60 at a time. My guess is they'll deorbit the first 2 or 3 batches as they were all pre-production test articles. I believe they're on launch 13? They're reusing old Falcon 9 boosters, some of which have been landed and used 5+ times already as the method to get the launches done. At the current pace, they're doing a launch every other week or so.
2020/10/16 05:55:08
2020/10/16 12:04:28
Thanks for the post-
the Spacex Beta program was too far north for me :-(
last i read the poor scientists in Antarctica all had to go home and leave  the equipment on auto,
2020/10/16 14:30:55
I currently have to use 4g for internet since i live in the middle of nowhere and i was waiting on starlink but public beta isnt starting till mid 2021 and i dont even know if its only in the areas it already is or in more areas so i will be moving before then otherwise i would stay here 
2020/10/16 15:02:00
Cool GTX
interesting project, not going to compete with big cable ISPs though it is good news for those that have no options
2020/10/16 16:28:44
I guess Amazon and a few others will be putting up mega-constellations too as to compete.
Imagining rogue countries not using nukes for disruption with their missiles in the future but just use them to cause a Kessler syndrome issue instead.

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