2020/10/05 19:27:14
Update 10/5/2021

As we continue to monitor the queue to get cards to gamers sooner, we appreciate all the feedback to help us to improve the queue system.

Due to the overwhelming demand for the 30 Series Products, our first step was to close the notify queue until we can fulfill them. Management team then took an extra step to prioritize those that have not received a card versus others who have been able to get multiple GPU’s.

After reading the feedback, there were legitimate concerns about retroactively changing the queue function. We are sorry for any frustration this caused, this was not the company’s intention. Today we are going to make the following updates:

1.    The queue system will be rolled back to the previous rule.
  • Anyone who missed a card from Monday, October 4th, will be notified on the next release.
  • EVGA will continue to send notifies through October 8th.
2.    In order to get cards to gamers sooner, please go to the notify page at https://www.evga.com/community/myNotifies.asp and keep only the top two cards selected that you would like to purchase, and remove the others.
  • On October 11th, 2021, the system will only lookup and send notifies based on your two oldest entries.
  • Going forward, the queue system will only allow for two 30 Series notifies on the current lineup.
  • EVGA strongly suggests to keep the FTW3 ULTRA or XC3 ULTRA models due to consistent supply compared to limited supply on K|NGP|N, HYDRO COPPER and HYBRID due to supply constraints.
  • EVGA is also going to be adding SMS verification to the checkout process for all notifications to catch bot orders.
3.    The queue system will not be turned back on until the current queues are fulfilled.
4.    The checkout window is 20 hours from the time of notification released.

EVGA appreciates your feedback to continue improving the queue system to deliver 30 Series cards into as many gamers hands as possible.


Update 9/27/21
Due to high demand, the notify queue sign-up is temporarily disabled. If you have a current queue position, EVGA will continue to process as stock is available.

We have made some changes to the checkout process for EVGA.com 30 Series orders. Now we are using a queue based notification system.
To sign up, use the notification button on the product you would like to be notified for. For everyone who already used the notify button previously, you are already entered. Once product is available (and it is your turn to purchase), you will receive a secure email that will allow you to purchase the product that you received a notification for. Please note that you have 20 hours to place your order, if your order is not complete within 20 hours, the product will be released back into queue system.
Also note that your email address that was used for the notify system MUST MATCH an email that has a registered EVGA account, if an account is not available with that email, you will need to create one before you can purchase.
Also note that this system will be available for US store first and evaluating for other regions.
If “I don’t want this product anymore” can I remove my "Auto notify" so it can get back into the queue faster if, say, already got one somewhere else.

You can now remove a card from your notification list now. https://www.evga.com/community/myNotifies.asp
If I've already signed up to be notified, do I need to re-sign up?

Nope, if you already signed up to be notified you do not need to sign up again.
If you had an auto notify even before the card was released, it still counts. We are including everyone who ever clicked the auto notify button while it was there.
I signed up for an auto notification for a card a while ago, but reading this post I re-submitted a notification request (prior to realizing that my original request saved a place in line). Did that reset my place in line, or is my original place in line intact from when I originally requested a stock notification?

It will go by your earliest entry. Even if you re-enter it will maintain your original entry into the notification system.
Argh, I only just signed up for the notification! I hope I'm not too far down the queue. Oh well, I'm just glad it's an option.

A few questions, though. Are we supposed to receive any acknowledgement email when we sign up for notification? I did not.
Also, is there an email address we should whitelist to ensure we get the notification email?
Finally, can a notification be sent for multiple cards? I'll buy whichever XC3 3080 is available to me first.

Email will come from support@evga.com
@evga_jacob I have to ask. I work nights, 10:30 PM to 6:30 AM. So I sleep during the day. What if I'm asleep while my email comes? Is it 5 hours once you click the link or once you get the email? It could be a pain for me if it comes at like 12 PM and I wake up at 6:30 PM.

We are doing a small test right now so due to the time anyone outside of the 20 hour window will allow exception for this test run. Going forward (after 10/6) the emails will be released during normal business hours.
When will more stock be available for this new system?

This week.
Tommy C
What happens to the cards that dont get bought within the 5 hour time limit? do they go back into the email pool?

Will there be "email releases" and "public releases"?

Yes they will go back into the email pool. Right now there will only be email/notification releases from evga.com. You will still be able to find it at etail/retail also.
Hi Jacob. Will this queue system also be in place when the 3090 hybrids and Kingpin editions release?

Not yet determined on this.
Haven't seen this clarified so .... 
If I get the link to the XC3 and buy it, does that drop me off the FTW list?
Like is the 1 per household per card or per GPU family?

Its limit 1 per card.
does "per card" mean per model (3080 vs 3090) or per sku (3080 XC3 vs 3080 FTW3)? there seems to be a lot of confusion about that. it's better to be very explicit in responses that could be interpreted in different ways to avoid such confusion.
I do also think it would be good for folks to be able to confirm that they are "on the list". you don't have to say our place in the queue, just something like "notifications are enabled for this product and was entered on <insert date>". that would placate people's fears about not being on the list without divulging any numbers or queue position.

It is per part number.
Is there anywhere you guys are going to post updates for when this is live for Canada?

This is live already for US and CA.
Link for you to know your date and time of Auto Notify = https://www.evga.com/community/myNotifies.asp
Just a heads up.  Won't matter for forum members, but if anyone asks, you have to have or create an EVGA account that matches the notify email address you used if you want to view this page.

EVGA.com --> Member --> My EVGA
View My Notifies
2020/10/05 19:28:50
thank you this is great news 
2020/10/05 19:28:56
Nice 👍
2020/10/05 19:29:30
2020/10/05 19:29:42
If I've already signed up to be notified, do I need to re-sign up?
2020/10/05 19:30:03
Great work guys. This will help very much!
2020/10/05 19:30:10

2020/10/05 19:30:11
Sounds awesome! What if we wanted 2 different models of cards? Say 3080 and 3090? Or if we wanted 2 different 3080 like a xc3 black and a ftw3 gaming?
2020/10/05 19:30:16
This is great news!
2020/10/05 19:30:16
Thank you!

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