2020/10/01 14:29:45
Does anyone know what the temp threshold is for the fans to turn on?
My card is 59C and the fans still aren't on - just watching TWITCH
I put them on 33% and temps dropped to 30C.
2020/10/01 14:56:43
As far as i know its 60c 
2020/10/01 15:05:38
I guess i jumped the gun lol
2020/10/01 16:25:17
Check the fan curve through precision X to make sure it's working properly. No fan at 60c isn't right
2020/10/01 20:39:22
My 3080 FTW3 ultra was at 52-58c idle as well, until I turned the fans on manually. Weird. Max load these cards cool beautifully.

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