2020/10/01 11:47:38
I happen to be off today sitting at the computer when I received an in stock alert from nowinstock for the 3080 FE at the nvidia store just minutes ago, 13:32. Took me no longer than 5 seconds to add one to cart and press checkout, site locked up and just was rewarded to a spinning wheel on the checkout button. Didn't even get to the next step to try to enter payment info.... after 20 seconds I refreshed it was gone from my cart. I even have my address and cc info saved in Dash Lane which auto fills everything. Would have taken me no more than 10 seconds to complete the transaction and yet still can't beat the bots.
2020/10/01 11:49:25
Yeah. This fiasco has ruined how I view both NVidia and EVGA. Their reputation is tarnished by this.
2020/10/01 11:51:13
I'm not shocked
2020/10/01 11:53:27
Same thing just happened to me too. Added to cart with a spinning wheel on the checkout button. I wonder when I will actually be able to get one.
2020/10/01 11:55:12
Same story. Checking out...
2020/10/01 11:55:16
Same, I see no end in site, maybe summer time I will get one.
2020/10/01 11:58:24
Thank God I was able to snag a card directly from EVGA. It was a 70 minute fight on the 24th, but at least I came out victorious!
2020/10/01 11:58:30
If all bot users have their cards to sell them at significantly higher prices and all miners have their cards too, then it's our turn, the normal users... unfortunately that will take many weeks and as it looks like nothing will be done about it... why should manufacturers change this, money is money
it's just very frustrating and absolutely not funny
2020/10/01 11:58:31
No offense but other than a need to vent, why do folks post the 'I did not get my XXX' threads?  It was utterly predictable that initial supply would never meet demand. I'm surprised, given Covid, it is going as well as it has.
2020/10/01 12:02:05
Crazy how fast they just sold out, I was there near instantly when it happened and everything stalled. Sad face.

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