2020/10/01 10:53:59
So I have an EVGA RTX 2070 XC Ultra, and for some reason when I'm playing a game nowadays, the temperature is always at like near 80 degrees when it's a pretty demanding game (which I guess could be normal, but the ambient temperature inside my case is only like 45 degrees when I'm gaming), but for some reason one of the fans keeps spiking up to 4000 RPM and then comes back down, just to do it again a couple of seconds later. If it wasn't so loud it wouldn't be that annoying, but now I'm starting to think there's something else wrong with my card or some kinda driver issue that's causing it (on the latest NVIDIA drivers currently, but it was happening on the last two as well). Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be, or would I just be better off RMA'ing the card at this point? Or is this normal behavior and I'm just being paranoid? The second fan just minds it's business and stays at a constant rate, but I'm guessing the first fan is the one that's actually cooling the GPU chip and that's why it's higher. But I don't remember it doing this before.
2020/10/01 12:55:19

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