2020/09/30 10:54:47
I think it's time to give up. I've scoured the web and refreshed so many different sites to try and get one and every-time one appears they are gone within 10-20 seconds.
It's not physically possible to enter your info in to order the units. This has been the worst launch I can ever recall seeing. I am officially throwing a pre-order in and just waiting it out. Time to enjoy life again.. lol
This refreshing and trying to order one from sites just does not seem possible.
2020/09/30 10:55:48
I just had my server run distill.io refreshing all the Amazon 3090 pages every 10 seconds and ping me when something changes. Got one yesterday when it came in stock for a whopping 90 seconds.
We're also probably in-between boats-from-china right now so restocks may not happen for another few weeks.
2020/09/30 10:56:45
Maybe just take a week or two off.
2020/09/30 11:12:51
yeah, it's probably best I step out too for a bit.  This is just insane...   Just downloaded the new DCS A-10C II.  My Rift S & 1080SC are still able to push some fun with that...  :-)
2020/09/30 11:14:28
The inventory at launch is guesstimated to be less than 10% of the total volume that we will see between now and years end. GPU launches have never gone smoothly and the way the PC market has been for months because of everyone being home from COVID, and its effects on supply chains is making this one worse. Try to have some patience here.
2020/09/30 11:59:00
I'll probably give up for awhile after next week if EVGA doesn't bring up their purchasing website with another Elite sale by then.  Having to monitor that inventory bot stream on Twitch and play the F5 game with a dozen e-tailers hoping to even have a chance for a microsecond to get a graphics card is absurd.  
Nvidia could have handled this SO much better by allowing backorders/preorders.  Even without a guarantee to get anything before December I would have gladly done it just to get it out of the way and being able to stop playing this dumb "find the golden ticket" game.  Getting a PS5 preorder was a piece of cake compared to this.
2020/09/30 12:04:17
I'll probably give up for awhile after next week if EVGA doesn't bring up their purchasing website with another Elite sale by then. 

I agree. I think the Elite sale is the way to go to prevent some of the bots snatching up all the inventory.
2020/09/30 12:05:59
I gave up before they were even released for sale...... :)
2020/09/30 12:07:10
There are plenty of stock on eBay! lol
2020/09/30 12:13:04
I haven't given up but it is discouraging.
If I'm honest with myself I know there's really no way I'll get a 30XX any time soon. I have a FT job, a home and a family so I can only check vendors when time, work and family permit. With the apparent demand for these cards my odds of getting a card aren't 0 but they're not very good.
I'm not going to be able to play the F5 game but I will keep checking as I'm able and who knows maybe I'll get lucky.

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