2020/09/28 07:46:37
Game Ready for NVIDIA Reflex Support for ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ and ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’
Our latest GeForce Game Ready driver provides support for NVIDIA Reflex in the blockbuster titles, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone, as well as offers the best experience in Star Wars: Squadrons. The new Game Ready Driver also improves stability in certain games on RTX 30 Series GPUs.
Fixed Issues in this Release:
[Omniverse 2020.2.4496]: Corruption occurs after switching from RTX Real-Time to RTX PathTraced renderer.[200649160]
[Vulkan games]: The GeForce Experience> Performance > Render Latency setting sometimes sticks at 0 on Vulkan games. [3129618]
Multiple G-SYNC Compatible monitors were removed from the G-SYNC Compatible list in the driver. [3130059]
There is a slight increase in the Windows Event Log CPU utilization. [200659659]
NVIDIA Container service may crash upon resume from system sleep /hibernate mode. [200658281]
[Notebook]: Performance Power Mode cannot be set from the NVIDIA Control Panel. [200657525]
2020/09/28 09:46:26
"Multiple G-SYNC Compatible monitors were removed from the G-SYNC Compatible list in the driver. [3130059]"
I wonder why, did the requirement change, or where they tested again and didn't qualify?
2020/09/28 11:21:35
Thanks for the heads-up...
2020/09/29 06:18:12
 Got em...thanks!
2020/10/01 06:01:55
Interesting issue with these drivers.  Was working with Microsoft Word yesterday.  In the middle of the document...my screen went bllack...video source  light on my monitor  went from blue to yellow and my AIO pump fans went to full speed.   Couldn't get the video back up...so had to reboot to get back to normal.  Then noticed that taskbar tray had nothing in it and some settings were changed.  Saw others on Nvidia board with the same problem.   There are issues with these drivers.   Keeping a close eye on this
BTW...this has NEVER happened to this card before.  Whatever adjustment Nvidia made to the drivers effects all series.   Always use DDU to uninstall old drivers before installing newest ones. 

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