2020/09/25 17:14:09
We have a very good forum with great people that will help out at any time.
With the flood of new members why not contribute to the forum in a positive way.
A couple of ways is joining the Crunching or Folding teams it would give the opportunity to help every person on the planet.
2020/09/26 18:10:19
What's that about? I'm new to forums but been a member since 2013
2020/09/26 18:12:21
I've done FaH since they released it on the PS3, but haven't really done much with the new computer.  Once I secure a 3080, I'll see what I can do about putting a hurt on my 2060.
2020/09/26 18:24:15
yes, lots.    and anyone new needs to remember that established members, some that have been here a very long time, will help you out.   But if you come into the forums with attitude and ruffle feathers, you won't get any help from some of the most educated people on the subject.  
take time to read the rules, learn how the forum buttons work and have a great time.
2020/09/26 19:59:03
Welcome new members please contribute in a positive way.
2020/09/26 20:57:01
I know some people will join and just show up to complain about stock problems, and how horrible things are, but EVGA is don't a lot better of a job than anyone else in terms of working on how to help with the crashing problem and comunicating about what's being done. Sure some places have beefer servers, far beyond anything EVGA can have running their stores, but I'd be hard pressed to think of a group talking about what the are doing to address it more.
2020/09/26 21:11:44
As I've stated in a few other posts, I am incredibly surprised, yet delighted, at the transparency and willingness to to actually interact with the community, that EVGA has shown since the launches of the RTX 3000 series.  From manually reviewing orders to restock bot purchased stock, to attempting to streamline their checkout to limit crashing.  They seem like a company that actually cares about keeping their good name intact by taking care of the their customers.  There may be limited stock, but that isn't their fault either.  With the low adoption of the previous generation, no one could have imagined the overwhelming demand of actual consumers, and sheer volume of automated bots attempting scalp stock for a quick buck.  I haven't even purchased anything from EVGA, but I already feel like they are trying to take care of me, where every other company has just tried to hide their heads in the sand.
2020/09/26 21:16:16
And that's why I've install the FAH control, and registered under team 111065....  Even with my less than stellar 2060, and ryzen 3700x, at least I can help give back to a group that already seems to be trying to give something to me.
2020/09/27 02:44:58
Membership implies that they want to participate here. I see a lot of whiners, not members. 
2020/09/27 02:51:43
Membership implies that they want to participate here. I see a lot of whiners, not members. 

I understand the frustration of trying to find a 30 series card since they are in short supply everywhere and sites are crashing when they do come into stock. It's really to be expected to be upset but hopefully people can be treated with respect and kindness so the new members feel welcome. Hopefully the new members stick around and realize that this is an amazing community of people who love gaming and technology. 
Welcome to the party new members!

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