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  • Distorted audio using Voicemeeter Potato with the EVGA Nu Audio (Standard) in ASIO and WDM
2020/09/23 07:14:18
Hi Nu Audios,

Recently I started using VB Audio's Voicemeeter Potato and their Virtual Audio Cables ABCD, to route and separate audio like game sound, Discord, browser, VLC, etc. on my EVGA Nu Audio (Standard version). It is mandatory to setup the most stable device with the lowest latency (giving the main stream) as the main output device A1 to run Voicemeeter Potato the best possible way.
Usually there are 4 driver/device modes with different latencies available: ASIO (best because lowest, currently 256 samples), WDM (512 buffers), KS (512 buffers), MME (highest, 1024 buffers).
However, the "KS" option is not available for the Nu Audio for input and output devices in my case. So the preferred modes are ASIO followed by WDM and as last possible option MME.
Choosing ASIO nearly works most of the time without pops or crackling sound (mostly mic). But all of the audio settings, like surround, bass, voice, treble, etc. absolutely have no effect anymore.
Setting the driver/device mode to WDM makes the system completely unusable as the mic and the sound output is completely distorted and robotic. Choosing MME as driver/device mode again nearly works most of the time without pops and crackling in mic and sound output and all sound settings will work too again. So I'm stuck to use MME with very high latency for the time being.

All the input and output devices are set to 24bit, 48000hz. When selecting the ASIO or MME mode, the Nu Audio shows up in exclusive mode and the correct samples/buffer size in settings screen, but switching to WDM turns the Nu Audio into shared mode and it is using a higher buffer -> 1056 instead of 512 as configured. Changing those buffers to lower or higher settings make the distorted sound even worse.

Couldn't find anything NA related and all other guides on the net couldn't fix this.
What causes the problem that I cannot use WDM mode? Anyone has a clue?

Best regards, stay healthy,

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