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  • GIGABYTE Unveils RTX 3090 TURBO: For When You Absolutely Need Lateral Blowers for 350W GPU
2020/09/18 23:57:08
Perhaps the most unique GeForce RTX 3090 offerings from GIGABYTE has to be the Turbo Edition. Possibly its most cost-effective card based on the $1,500 GPU, the Turbo Edition features a classic lateral-blower based cooling solution that guides all its air through an aluminium channel-type heatsink, and out of the rear bracket, with none of it exhausted into the case. This is a bold choice for a cooler given the feisty 350 W typical board power for the RTX 3090. The card is exactly 2 slots thick, and just 26.6 cm long, making it possibly the shortest air-cooled RTX 3090. It's a little over 11 cm tall (standard full-height). An interesting design choice by GIGABYTE is to locate the card's two 8-pin PCIe power connectors at the tail end of the card. GIGABYTE didn't reveal whether the card features factory-overclocked speeds, but we expect it to stick to reference speeds. Display outputs include two each of HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4a connectors.
I'm curious how loud that blower will get while under full load.

2020/09/19 00:08:44
So it can be done. I certainly see this appealing to some.
2020/09/19 05:02:29
Oof, that thing is going to be terrible. Niche, useful, but objectively bad. I'm sure it will sound like a turbo too.
2020/09/20 05:20:32
I see that another forum member posted this. I don't know which one was posted first but I'll lock this thread. 

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