2020/09/17 23:32:54
Writing has been on the wall for years now and Nvidia is only making it official. As of January 1st 2021 Nvidia is pulling the plug. While SLI and multi GPU is still "technically" going to be possible it's now officially all on the developers to implement such support. Nvidia says they are going to start working directly with developers to work on multiGPU but SLI as we know it is officially dead. 
2020/09/17 23:58:35
Nvidia says they are going to start working directly with developers to work on multiGPU but SLI as we know it is officially dead.

Doesn't that mean they're still working on it but not labeled as 'SLI'? 
I thought they were suppose to come out with multi GPU support several years ago without 'SLI'?
2020/09/18 00:45:10
GPUs are becoming so powerful lately that SLI really isn't needed in my personal opinion. 
2020/09/18 01:13:47
Maybe I can fit that audio card in now
2020/09/18 04:37:05
Yeah, the big hook of Windows 10  ( ..or was it DX 10,12 ? ) .was that we were going to be able to use any brand cards in a multi-gpu config that would work seamlessly together for more improved processing for doing everything...
BUT of course, NO one wanted to work together on it , so it quickly was dropped and never mentioned nor brought up again.

2020/09/18 04:48:08
Seems kind of expected with only the 3090 having SLI as an option this generation. I just wonder how easy it is to turn on the SLI in DX12 titles since if it's easy maybe SLI isn't dead at all. I mean what this really could mean is every game having SLI support that just works really well.
2020/09/18 16:50:28
Xavier Zepherious
mgpu is still there it's up to developers to integrate and use in there games and that means innovate and add software to games
2020/09/18 21:16:34
3090 still supports SLI/NVLINK.


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2020/09/18 21:38:33
Xavier Zepherious
thats more for Compute than anything else
no game requires 2 cards in sli or NVlink YET..... only old legacy cards
in fact most games would probably not even use 1/2 the power the card has
2020/09/18 21:52:55
Seems nvidia has been trying to see how many ways they can downgrade SLI support without dropping it totally.
10 series: 3 and 4-way for benchmark programs only
20 series: no 3 and 4 way at all
30 series: only highest level card, and no SLI profiles
40 series: 1.5 way SLI and only on Titan ti Super, special SLI edition? I wonder...
50 series: 1.1 way SLI, only for Jensen Hunang, and only in his kitchen, and only to play 3d pong.

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