2020/09/14 23:45:47
AMD revealed its Radeon RX 6000 series graphics card reference design. This card will likely be AMD's flagship product based on its RDNA2 graphics architecture. The card features a refreshing new dual-slot, triple axial fan cooling solution that uses large new high-airflow fans that have webbed impellers, and an aluminium fin-stack heatsink that spans the entire length of this roughly-30 cm long card. A variation of the insert with the Radeon branding was teased last year. This is AMD's second reference design with triple axial fans, after the Radeon VII.

The card features two 8-pin PCIe power inputs right where you expect them. Display outputs include a pair of DisplayPorts, an HDMI, and a USB type-C. Since air exhaust is guided out of the top of the card with its fin-stack arrangement (and none from the rear I/O), AMD has a sealed I/O shield like the Radeon Fury. AMD partnered with Epic Games for a Fortnite treasure-hunt map that lets you see a 3D model of the card in from more angles. We'll spare you the treasure hunt with a video by Anshel Sag.
NOTE: Anshel Sag used to be an EVGA Moderator a long time ago


2020/09/15 01:07:54
Wow look red nvidia 2000 series card coming!!! .......... Wait a minute!!!!
2020/09/15 04:31:56
the red accent designer must have had input into both series cards....
2020/09/15 05:31:27
Wow look red nvidia 2000 series card coming!!! .......... Wait a minute!!!!

I does look like Turing, lol. I like it ok but much prefer the New RTX 3080 look. My opinion of course.
2020/09/15 14:49:26
Finally a AMD reference design heatsink which won't have terrible noise and performance?  AWESOME!
2020/09/15 15:00:21
Xavier Zepherious

YouTuber JayzTwoCents revealed photos and renders of graphics card featuring AMD RDNA2 architecture
Jay also provided an actual photograph of the graphics card. Later in a video, he also reveals a dual-fan version of the same cooler design, likely to be a cut-down version of Big Navi (21).
2020/09/15 16:12:20
Pretty😍. It has a camaro front grilled look😎👍
2020/09/15 16:58:01
Pretty😍. It has a camaro front grilled look😎👍

Why does that camaro front grill scream Founders Knockoff... is AMD challenging the 2080ti this round?
2020/09/15 17:39:47
is AMD challenging the 2080ti this round?

Yes, I believe so.
2020/09/15 18:38:32
Well, it’s good to see that AMD included stuff that NVidia decided was useless. Like tech reviewers have stated, hopefully that USB-C port is either thunderbolt compliant or can work as a display out since VR-Link is no longer getting any love.

I also wonder if the HDMI is 2.0 or 2.1.

It will be good to get more information rather than a fork-knife only look. Thankfully JayzTwoCents has better picture than fork-knife, and went into detail about how AMD is targeting two year old tech with their brand new tech. I really hope the performance isn’t competitive against two year old tech since the aesthetic design team didn’t get the updates.

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