2020/09/11 15:51:10
I hope its okay to post here because I'm assuming people who chill here care about audio.
Just got a pair of Etymotics ER4XR and they are hooked up directly to my PC head jack. evga z490 has a Realtek ALC1220 audio controller and front jack powered by EVGA Nu Audio software.

1) Sometimes the music winks out for a second, not quite static but like "bits" of the music didn't make it,  especially if I move. Are the phones defective or is this what noise interference is? (Really unhappy with the 90 degree rotation on the front panel header on this board btw).

2) I don't know if its my music (all of it is FLAC) but some tracks are muddy. Example, Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God.  If I use the NU Audio software and tweak the reverb up, soft sounding tracks sound louder, brighter. Is that normal? Or is the 'reverb' doing something extra?  How do most people feel about the 'surround' option for headphones?
3) Finally, as there is no analogue volume control in my path, is it better to set my music player to 100% and then lower windows volume or the other way round?

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