2020/09/09 09:23:01
"With the next wave of AMD Ryzen processors and the all-new Zen 3 architecture, AMD is taking its PC gaming and content creation leadership to new heights. Learn more October 8."


2020/09/09 09:37:32
Woo!! Hope they're available to order ASAP. Growing desperate to upgrade over here!!!!
2020/09/09 10:13:09
Cool GTX
Lets hope NDA ends & the 3rd party benchmarks are out by then
2020/09/09 10:19:50
Slightly behind NVIDIA's announcement for the RTX 30XX series, but it is my personal belief that GPU die yields at TSMC for AMD will be much higher than Samsung's GPU yields for NVIDIA. I expect AMD will have more stock in October for the release(s). 
2020/09/09 19:08:17
The test sample doesn't appear to be 16 GB capacity. It may use 16 Gb modules (as labeled), but doesn't appear to have 16 GB of capacity. But hard to tell for sure.
2020/09/09 19:10:22
Xavier Zepherious
looks like 8+1 phase
2020/09/09 19:20:58
Good time...
2020/09/09 19:53:49
Well... if I have to tear down my rig to put in a 3090 I may as well plop a new CPU in there too.
2020/09/10 00:52:19
Xavier Zepherious
looks like 8+1 phase

The pictures of the test sample looks like it has way more than 8+1 phase power. More like 12+2 or something. Hard to tell. The skewed picture melting off to blurry focus makes my brain hurt.

The front-side rendering doesn't match the back side test sample pictures; not even close. Different memory chip layout and different power layout.

I would take both with a grain of salt at this point.

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