2020/09/08 17:04:30
Hey everyone,
i am considering getting a NU Audio card for my PC. I only hope the card can do one thing for me and that is switching between Headphone and Line-Out Output effortlessly. 
The plan is putting my 600Ohm Beyerdynamic Headphones on the Headphone jack and my Genelec 8330 on the line out. That should work, shouldn't it?
2020/09/08 17:26:10
Yes. The software has a option to turn speakers and headphones on and off separately and also has the ability to control the headphones volume separately. The higher the volume for the headphones output the more ohms its pushes. 100% is 600 ohm I believe
2020/09/08 17:27:21
Don't know if they made a hot key to switch them off. You will more than likely have to do it in the software
2020/09/09 05:46:06
Thanks, so I might very well buy the NU Audio. I am certain that it will work better than my Asus Xonar in combination with On-Board-Audio.

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