2020/09/02 13:25:44
Sir Billiam
For me, the EVGA Nu Audio was the first sound card I had ever purchased. Previously, I was in the mindset that the audio coming from my motherboards, which all have boasted about improved audio quality, was good enough for me. Boy was I wrong. I decided to purchase the Nu Audio card after I listened to some high-quality studio recordings of my favorite bands and not hearing any difference through my headphones plugged into my motherboard audio out. As soon as I started using the Nu Audio, the quality was a world of difference. Suddenly, the audio coming through my Audio-Technica ATH-M50X's had so much more character than before! I could hear minute details in the drums being played, and there was no more background hiss, which used to annoy me to no end when I was trying to focus on listening. Track after track, I heard things in the music I didn't even know were there! One song that everyone knows is "Hotel California" by the Eagles, but not everyone knows what it sounds like when using a good audio system. It will blow your mind! Aside from the amazing sound this card can produce, I think it looks fantastic in my case. The subtle RGB lights on the top complement the rest of my system nicely, and the card barely takes up any space. The only improvement I would make to the design would be to add a backplate to the base model. Overall, I could not be more happy with my purchase! If you are of the belief that your motherboard audio is fine and you don't need a sound card anymore like the good ol' days of PC building, take it from me: IT IS NOT! Take the chance with the Nu Audio card, and you will be able to experience the genius that EVGA and Audio Note have put together. 5/5 stars, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2020/09/04 01:33:14
Great post!
I agree 100%, I thought for years that I didn't need a sound card anymore. Used to be you have to have one. Using ASUS premium motherboards for all my builds I didn't think I needed a sound card anymore. Then I finally decided to pull the trigger and I am so happy I did. The EVGA Nu Audio card absolutely destroys the realtek onboard sound from my motherboard. I will never use on board sound again. Maybe people with low end builds wouldn't gain much from dedicated sound card but if you have premium parts and high end speakers and/or headphones you should buy a dedicated sound card. If you'll spend $600-$1000 for a video card you should be willing to throw down a few hundred for a sound card. Sound is a big part of the experience. Quality sound can really evoke emotions to take your enjoyment to another level. Definitely worth the money.
2020/09/08 13:31:30
Now just get a couple burson op-amp's to throw in it and really be blown away
2020/09/09 13:05:34
Now just get a couple burson op-amp's to throw in it and really be blown away

Which Burson op-amp would you recommend?
2020/09/09 15:31:32
I am using the V6 Classics in mine. Cant give any input on the others because I have never tried them.
2020/09/17 11:27:21
How did you mount those v6? 
Those are huge :)
Can add some pics?

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