2020/08/31 13:39:54
Hi Everyone, here's the latest driver for the original NU Audio Card.  An update to the Nahimic SDK and a fix related to User Accounts, which can cause different sort of software issues.
Release Notes (v0.2.1.14):
  • Update Nahimic SDK to 1.04.
  • Fix issue with User Accounts.
Let us know what you think, or if you run into any issues.
2020/08/31 21:28:20
Switching to S/PDIF to use my receiver still doesn't work in Windows 10 2004.  It does nothing and just continues playing through the desktop speakers.  Has not worked since updating to this version of Windows so hopefully someone can figure out the cause and fix it in a future driver version.
2020/09/02 01:45:23
v0.2.1.14 works fine for me so far. Just a wish for the future: a Changelog for the Firmware-Updates would be nice!
Thanks and have a nice week.
2020/09/02 09:53:49
Thank you @Lee
Testing tonight.
2020/09/02 18:31:14
Working fine here!
2020/09/05 08:48:42
Will be testing today also. With windows versions 1909 and 2004 to see how it works.
Will let you know.
2020/09/05 10:33:28
Works now with windows 2004 version. Last drivers didn't work at all with optical output on win 2004.
Nice work.
2020/09/05 23:08:23
Zero issues with the update - thanks for the post!
2020/09/06 07:41:48
The ASIO buffer size sample issue with microphone static appears to be gone with this driver. The need to cycle inputs to wake-from-sleep may also be fixed, but more testing is needed.  So far, so good.

EDIT 1: more testing continues to identify that you (still) need to cycle inputs to "wake" the microphone with the driver.
EDIT 2: more testing suggests that an ASIO buffer size sample size of 512 continues to cause microphone static.  When I reduced it to 256, the problem disappeared immediately, and everything has continued to work fine (about 3-4 days and counting).  I will continue to test.
2020/09/07 20:48:22
Update> video now stutters every 10-15mins for a couple seconds...
I am so disappointed by this product. Hopefully there's a fix!
Ok, I just installed the card and I was initially having problems with audio chopping/(youtube) video stuttering, as described in many other posts.
Then I downloaded the recent driver update and the audio works fine.
Now I have another problem, the card software manager is not available anymore (reinstalled a few times) so I cannot control for instance the active output (headphones vs speakers)
Can someone please help?
PS: I am attaching the error messages I get during the installation

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