2020/08/02 14:38:32
Hi hello,
I own the EVGA RTX 2070 FTW3 ULTRA since May 2019 and recently there's been some squeaking inside my case.
At first I shrugged it off as outside noise but after a couple of days I got curious, especially since my cat was -very- interested.
Investigating a little bit and using the Precision x1 software I noticed that 'fan 3', the one that spins most of the three, was squeaking at 1200 RPM and up.
Fan 3 is the fan that is farthest from the case, pretty much dead-center in my case.
So I googled around a bit and stumbled on a topic on this forum that said putting pressure on the middle of the fan while the fans are facing up could resolve the problem.
In my case, it didn't.
I have to note it's not so much a grinding noise or any such thing, it sounds more like a mouse in distress or the sound bats make.
My dad couldn't hear it at all until I recorded the sound and played it through speakers.
As long as I'm not gaming the fans are mostly running at 0 RPM sometimes going 900 RPM which is pretty much silent and does not produce any squeaking.
But it becomes unbearable when gaming.
Is there anything I can do to solve this? What are my options?
2020/08/02 15:01:06
Cool GTX
Welcome to the EVGA Forums
Seems it could be "Coil Whine"  ... your sure its the fan
At high FPS... coil whine is usually at it loudest... so in game when not in the action FPS will usually peak, as there is not any load.. try capping your FPS to less than 300
The PSU can also display coil whine
If it is the fan then RMA is the only option.  Members that do not mind changing their own cooler will sometime opt for a cross ship RMA & just spap the cooler / fan assembly, so they can keep their current card
FAQ # 59535  What is coil whine, and how does it affect my video card?
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2020/08/02 17:04:22
Hi CattMeister,
I am sorry for the fan squeaking issue.  You will need to register your GPU to your EVGA account and create a support ticket, or call the customer service phone number at +44 (0) 1788-247-506
1) https://eu.evga.com/support/register.asp
2) https://eu.evga.com/support/support.asp
2020/08/03 04:07:49
I think I can safely say it's not coil whine.
Reason for this is that I can reproduce the noise simply by using the precision x1 software and manually setting fan 3 to 40% or higher.
I still have my 1050Ti, so I might just go for a standard RMA.

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