2020/07/24 03:41:18
Last driver update released was back in march and hasn't been anything since. the latest drivers released alot of people can't use them because of the installation bug. Hasn't been any hot fixes to solve this issue and it is a known common problem. I myself am stuck using the January 2.1.7 Drivers because the 2.1.10 drivers do not work. I paid $250 Dollars for your audio card it would be nice if you guys would fix the list of common problems these cards have. I shouldn't have to use a outdated driver just to use my card. If the Driver Dev team can't solve the software and driver issues then EVGA should outsource it to someone who can.
2020/07/28 05:25:10
Yeah, this has been a disappointment.  However, COVID is still real and a problem, so I'm trying to cut them some slack.  There is a beta 0.2.11 driver link floating around these forums.  You can try finding & downloading that.
2020/07/28 18:08:21
It's also not just on EVGA given the partnership with Nahimic. Unsure how they're impacted by pandemic 
2020/07/30 10:29:44
Fatal Futanari
Thank you for this thread. I was considering getting this card for my new build but I think I will go with an external solution instead.
2020/07/30 16:00:12
Certainly feels like it. There have been feature requests since product launch that seem to have gone nowhere. Sidetone, Stereo Mix, and Reducing Mic Input Gain.

Sidetone, pass the microphone input back to the listener with minimal delay. Creative has had this functionality for as long as I can remember.
Stereo Mix, an input channel of the output from the output device mixed down to stereo, 2 channels.
Reducing Mic Input Gain, the current being sent to microphones is too high. This causes signal clipping. Adjusting the volume slider does not solve the problem as that is just the output volume of the resulting signal captured.
There are likely more that I'm missing but I have had this card since it was released and have been apart of the group asking for these things since purchasing this card. These are are the items I really feel are holding back this card.
I'm looking at getting the Schiit Hel pending a few questions I've put out to people who have it, while it's not perfect it does what I consider the minimum for audio products targeted towards gamers, high quality both inputs and outputs with features that make sense.
2020/07/31 10:03:06
As a big fan and supporter of EVGA, I am hopeful they can breathe more life into this product line. I love my sound card but agree that I am a bit disappointed not only in the ongoing support, but also the lack of communication. I know the community guys are great and actively following these threads. It would make a big difference if we could learn more about the roadmap or even short term support issues due to pandemic. We are all human so we would understand.. but we have to know first before we can understand. :) 
2020/07/31 10:56:56
Cool GTX
NU Audio Driver Release v0.2.1.10 (Win10)
  Have any of you submitted any information about an issue or feature you want them to add or address ?
If you having any issues submit Details of your PC & OS
Looking for New features ?
Complaints and Suggestions
2020/08/01 13:07:27
I have requested features that are available on lower end and older cards since the card was released. Seems its all too much work to do any of it or make a stable driver. Trying to get solutions for things always seems to be made out to be the users fault. Hardware is good, just the software is limited and buggy.
2020/08/01 13:54:34
I was considering one of these cards but I've been seeing people complaining about lack of driver support...so I've been remiss in buying it.
2020/08/02 15:33:01
Yeah I'm having sound issues in my GeForce Shadowplay recordings. Nvidia has tried to help on the issue and my solution was to uninstall Nahimic. I made a post here regarding this and none of the EVGA techs have cared to comment on it. I don't have this audio issue with my other PC with a Sound Blaster AE-9.

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