2020/07/15 07:21:14
Last year in October, I bought a Refurbed EVGA 2080ti directly from EVGA and got a pretty good deal on it. I have had no issues until last night. Tried loading AC Odyssey and it just crashed every single time at various points of the games loading screens. I even tried underclocking to see if that fixed it. Nope. So I tried a lighter, less demanding game, Halo 3. And every single time I loaded the game it would freeze at cutscenes, if I skipped those it would freeze during gameplay. I have checked nvidia drivers and windows updates and everything is up to date. Here is a list of the components in my build.

ASRock Taichi X570 w/ R7 3700X
RTX 2080TI FTW3 Ultra (refurb from EVGA)
G. Skill Trident Royal Z 3600 2 x 8GB
Corsair CX650 Semi-Modular power supply.
Corsair H150 CPU CL Cooler.
Thermaltake Commander C31 Snow Edition

Any help would be appreciated. I would like to know if the GPU is going out so I can RMA before that warranty expires.
2020/07/15 12:19:29
Test it in another known good working pc to see if the issue will follow the card.
2020/07/16 16:10:09
I would look at getting a better PSU as the old CX series are very basic and many are probably past their best before.

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