2020/03/13 18:02:04
Hi Everyone, here's the latest driver for the NU Audio Cards.  A couple QoL items here with fixing the Voice Clarity Quick EQ option enable/disable after reboot and updating the ASMedia driver, which seems to have helped fix a lot of random issues for people.
Release Notes (v0.2.1.10):
  • Update ASMedia USB 3.0 driver (V1.16.59.1)
  • Fix Voice Clarity Quick EQ option to keep it enabled/disabled based on user settings before reboot.
Let us know what you think, or if you run into any issues.
Edit - updated the hyperlink to the new driver file.
2020/03/14 05:32:52
Just curious if anyone else is getting this? 2 Browsers and a reboot.

2020/03/14 09:33:33
Getting the same here as well....
2020/03/14 14:42:23
Yup same issue..windows defender says its unsigned and tries to delete the folder
2020/03/14 17:03:03
I have the same issue. Has anyone successfully uptaded the driver to this new version?
2020/03/14 19:37:38
Same here, NSIS error.
2020/03/15 05:44:26
Yep, same error message here
2020/03/15 11:35:02
Just curious if anyone else is getting this? 2 Browsers and a reboot.

Same issue here. 
2020/03/15 14:18:32
Well, what does that say about the software release QA process?
2020/03/15 17:44:10
Harry Bratton
I got the same issue. This is ridiculous to pay about 300 bucks for something and the driver doesn't work. I'll ask again this is the driver for the Nu Audio pro 7.1 sound card?

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