2020/06/03 11:55:10
Same question as Shiny49: will there be another driver update soon? The Nu Audio card drivers bring down my machine regularly. They fail if you so much as log out and log back in. And they still don't have any clue how to handle bass properly (i.e., sending it to the C/Sub channel) with a 5.1 mix. Your hardware is great, but the drivers desperately need work.
2020/06/12 06:25:07
Installed this, did not reboot until after letting the installer finish, and close normally. Then reboot.
Now I have no device. No errors at all. Attempting to run installer again.
EDIT: second installation went better. Device returned after completion & reboots

I have the same problem. Device is gone. ... I have to send it back probably. :(
2020/06/18 08:25:42
Thanks for confirming that, the both of you.  I know our Audio team has been testing with other AMD boards, but they're looking into getting one of the boards you both have mentioned.

X570 AORUS Xtreme AGESA ComboV2 BIOS F20a
Now operational with Gen4 settings
2020/06/20 15:25:36
I got an EVGA Nu 7.1 Pro (newest driver installed). I use an Asrock X570 Extreme mainboard. It seems to be the case that the driver/or card is crashing when I use the Evince PDF viewer (e.g. )and scroll a PDF file. It starts to make some noises and if I scroll further it will crash and the sound is silent for the rest of the Windows 10 session.
Any known problems with the X570 chipset?
2020/06/21 18:21:41
Probably a silly question but......own a Nu Audio Pro 7.1 and am considering upgrading to Z490 platform. Checked out several boards - MSI Z490 Godlike, Aorus Z490 Xtreme (possibly Waterforce), and Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme. I really like my Aorus Z390 Master and would ideally stick with Gigabyte. However, after researching Z490 boards, Aorus Xtreme/Xtreme Waterforce lack PCIE x1 slots. Instead they offer three full-length slots running at x16, x8, and x4 from top to bottom. The first two are fed from the CPU (x8/x8) and the third by the chipset. It was a struggle trying to squeeze the Nu Audio Pro unit(s) between an RTX 2080 ti xc hybrid on my Z390 Master, even with three x16 slots and three x1 slots. My concern is that with an Aorus Z490, GPU bandwidth would drop to x8 if all three PCIE slots are populated (GPU + both Nu Audio cards). The ROG Z490 has a x1 slot, but location would make things difficult. MSI Godlike has three x16 slots, one x1, and slot arrangement looks better for my setup. I've heard good things about Godlike boards, but try to avoid MSI when possible. If Z390 Dark had four DIMM slots and was readily available, might have also been an option. Secondary consideration: will probably custom loop a Z490 build, and am already familiar with Gigabyte boards. Would appreciate clarification as far as whether PCIE slot worries are unfounded. Recommendations, suggestions, etc. are always welcome too... 
2020/06/22 02:05:26
As far as I know the Nu Audio Pro 7.1 does only use PCIe 3.0 1x so you should be fine. For spacing issues that's a different matter. It uses two PCIe Slots and if you're using a huge graphics card it could get very tight. At best you should research the mainboard before buying it.
2020/07/21 16:50:18
I am noticing a periodic high pitched squeak - seemed to happen after I moved card to a new PCI-E slot, so perhaps its some kind of incompatibility. It's happened in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Assassins Creed Odyssey. Running latest drivers on Windows 10 2004. Any thoughts on possible cause or how I can help trouble shoot this? I would prefer not to move card back unless absolutely needed - it was pressed up against the backplate of my 2080ti and got very hot at times.
2020/08/05 17:26:47
I got the Nu Audio pro 7.1 for the 5.1 optical surround channels but it does not play 5.1 direct. My receiver does not detect anything to decode so im wondering if i actually need to use analogue with the optical option to get the full 5.1? 
What i read in the system specs is it should play 5.1 straight out the box with optical... Am i wrong about this?
2020/09/25 14:46:59
I had some strange bug with the Audio Pro software a bit ago. I kept trying to launch it from the start menu, it would pretend to run, then never appear.
So I went to it's install folder, and ran it forcibly.
Was greeted with no speakers or settings whatsoever, so I checked the settings to find a 0.0 firmware.
Something's either been fiddling with the software & driver, or somehow it did it itself. Only course of action I had was to reinstall it.
I normally don't need to play with the settings very often, but I wonder how long it's been like that.

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