• How to get your rig shown on the EVGA Product Page!
2020/02/26 11:21:11
Here is how you can get your rig showing on the EVGA Product Page:
  • Upload your rig on EVGA MODS RIGS (if you haven't already!) www.modsrigs.com
  • Upload one or more pictures of your rig.
  • Input the EVGA Part Number on the "Primary Components" next to the EVGA part, see example below. EVGA Part Number Example = 11G-P4-2589-KR. Make sure that the "Brand" is set as EVGA as well!
  • Wait a few hours for it to be approved and it will show on the Product Page



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2020/02/26 11:31:56
My pic seemed to be approved for my Power supply almost instantly. Is there a combo of an automatic and manual system for that?
2020/02/26 12:25:32
Manual right now, may be more automated in the future.
2020/02/26 12:31:13
I reported a fraud rig. Hope you guys can take care of it soon. 
2020/03/08 18:29:54
I reported a fraud rig. Hope you guys can take care of it soon. 

Not good!      
2020/03/25 16:35:56
I have three great parts from Evga on my Mod Rig and I don't see mine. What's up with that?
2020/03/25 16:38:27
Cool GTX
Thanks Jacob
2020/03/25 19:12:37
You guys are fantastic.
2020/04/10 07:40:08
I got a couple of new EVGA goodies added to my old rig which I updated.
2020/06/15 02:08:56
I added my rig one week ago but still can't find it. What should I do? Thanks!

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