2020/01/27 08:40:19
That time of year again for the annual PrimeGrid Tour de Primes.
The challenge is who can find the most, the biggest primes and win a jersey badge or one of the special prime badges for this challenge.
Here is the challenge webpage link. http://www.primegrid.com/forum_thread.php?id=8987
From PG:
Tour de Primes 2020

Welcome to the 12th annual Tour de Primes. 2 is the first prime number...and the only even one. This makes it unique among prime numbers. Therefore, February is declared Prime month...being the 2nd month of the year. :) And there's no better way to pay homage to a prime number than to go out and find one. :) More precisely, a Top 5000 prime.

For the month of February, an informal competition is offered. There are no challenge points to be gained... just a simple rare jersey at the end of the month to add to your badge list. No pressure or stress other than what you put on yourself. :)

For 2020, we're bringing back the badges introduced in 2018, but since 2020 is a leap year, we're going to run the Mountain Stage competition on Leap Day, February 29th:
Note that SGS-LLR and GFN-15 are too small to be reported to the Top 5000 primes list and are therefore not eligible for the 2020 Tour de Primes.

Currently, the fastest opportunities to find Top 5000 primes is with the PPSE (LLR), and GFN-16 (65536) projects. Of course, should someone find a prime in the mega-prime searches, this would certainly give them a good shot at the green or red jerseys. Not a guarantee, however, as in 2019 there were almost 20 mega primes found in the Tour de Primes. Overall, in 2019 we averaged over two mega primes per week for the entire year, so you might need more than "merely" a mega prime to take home green.

All ports in PRPNet are available for the competition.

To participate in BOINC PPSE (LLR), GFN-16, or any other eligible LLR or Genefer project, all you have to do is select it in your PrimeGrid preferences. AP27 sequences are not reportable at T5K, so are not eligible for Tour de Primes.

Sieve projects don't find primes, so 321-sieve, PPS-Sieve, and manual sieving can't count in TdP.
2020/01/27 12:34:40
Going with the same as last year.
2020/01/31 17:32:40
This challenge started too.
Good luck everyone
2020/01/31 18:52:22

2020/02/01 05:31:03
 Nice One Bill T5K, task PPSE (LLR) v8.04 (mt)
Description:3633 · 21556433 + 1  Decimal Digits:468537   (log10 is 468536.579506675)
2020/02/01 08:29:12
New Prime #1 Today T5K Task PPSE (LLR) v8.04 (mt)
Description:3363 · 21556529 + 1 Decimal Digits:468566   (log10 is 468565.444847729)
2020/02/01 15:29:42
New Prime #2 Today T5K Task PPSE (LLR) v8.04 (mt)
Description:9293 · 21556781 + 1 Decimal Digits:468642   (log10 is 468641.745835706)
2020/02/01 16:58:54
I got my small prime for the challenge, switched over to MEGA. 
2020/02/01 18:50:03
Hmm...must be something with the name Bill. Just kidding. Congrats on the primes guys!!!
2020/02/01 20:35:55
Thanks PC, I have a feeling one is in your near future. Come on primes!!!!!!!!
PPSE and GFN16 have the best chance of finding a prime.
Luck of the draw. MEGA primes are tough, but they are out there.

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