2020/01/18 06:17:09
I have bought this card several weeks ago and i've been having the same problem since day one.
the problem is : my PC suddenly freezes for seconds and then the card's fans will go at full speed, then my PC restarts.
I had this problem while trying to play COD MW 2019 and my PC crashes while installing shaders. 
I fixed THAT problem by rolling back to the launch driver for COD and it somehow worked, but after some matches the problem still occurs.
It happend while trying to start Overwatch. It happens sometimes even when i'm just browsing the internet.
I referred to the troubleshooting thread and tried most of the solutions and it still happens.
It never happend before for the last 4 years when I had a GTX970
here's my PC specs :
CPU : i5 4670K non OC'ed
MoBo : Gigabyte z87 G1 Sniper
Ram : Kingstone HyperX 32GB
SSD+HDD : multiple 
- Is there a Bios update or something i could do to fix it?
- or should I consider an RMA ?
Thanks in advance.
2020/01/18 06:45:07
What monitor do you have and at what resolution is the monitor? How do have the monitor connected, via HDMI or DP? Is the DP cable certified?
2020/01/18 07:36:39
I have the Benq Zowie RL series. it's 1080p @60hz. and it's connected via HDMI cable.
Thanks for your fast reply!
2020/01/19 11:22:41
How old is your psu?
2020/01/19 11:52:34
I've got it since 2015.
2020/01/19 12:10:11
Could be psu related. Can you test the card in another pc, or try a different psu?
2020/01/19 13:38:41
I'll try it on a different PC and get back to you.
Thanks for the reply Sajin

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