2020/01/17 14:37:01
Hello all!
Going to preface this post with saying it is probably posted in the wrong spot, sorry.  I have spent the last 3 days trying to figure out an issue, rather than getting work done because the issue came up!  I am hoping someone can help me.
I built my first PC about 6 months ago.  Running an Aorus Master motherboard with 32gb of 3200 Ram, an EVGA Hybrid XC 2080Ti GPU, i9900 processor.  I have been running a dual monitor setup and haven't had any issue with it until a few days ago.  I powered it up to do some editing that I am behind on, ran updates, and the secondary monitor is giving me a black screen.  I tried rolling back updates, no joy.  I tested the monitor and cable (HDMI) on an alternate PC, works fine.  When I go into display settings it shows me having two monitors set up, detects them both with no issues, but still I get "No Signal" or "Out of Range" messages on the alternate monitor.  Does that mean I am getting an issue from the HDMI port on the GPU, or is it more likely a software issue and I am just a novice that messed it up and can't figure out how to fix it?  Can anyone help me fix this?  I would be very appreciative.
2020/01/17 14:48:40
To rule out a possible software issue you could try using windows system restore to set your computer settings back to a day when everything was working right for you. If that doesn't help then it's most likely a hdmi output issue on the card.
2020/01/17 20:06:24
Have you been in Nvidia control panel to re-configure your monitor settings?
2020/01/17 22:11:15
I tried the system restore, and still no joy.  I am hesitant to re-install the NVIDIA Control Panel since that closely correlates with when the issue started. I spent a lot of time with their Help Chat yesterday trying to troubleshoot it, and the only thing they came up with was that maybe it was a VRAM issue.  That doesn't make sense to me.  I have zero issues on my main display, regardless of what I am running.  I just can't seem to get signal on my secondary display.  I am running my main from a Display Port off the GPU, and my secondary off of HDMI from the GPU (I double checked to make sure I didn't plug it back into the MB while troubleshooting...Like I said, novice.)  I am going to pickup another DP Cable tomorrow and see if that fixes it.  If not, maybe call Geek Squad??? 
2020/01/17 22:19:42
Think it needs to be configured in Nvidia control panel.may be wrong??
When I had 2 and 3 monitor set ups , span as well as dual monitors was set up using Nvidia.
2020/01/17 22:39:39
Just configured in Nvidia Control Panel.  Even went into surround spanning options just to see if the GPU was in fact detecting the HDMI port as running that monitor, and it is.  Still no fix.  Going to deselect it in the "Select the displays you want to use" window, then after restart see if selecting it and restarting works.  Not holding my breathe, as that would have killed me 4 days ago when I started trying to fix this! Haha!
2020/01/17 22:46:12
Nope.  No Joy.
2020/01/17 23:12:17
What happens when you swap video card out cables
2020/01/18 00:23:38
Check the connections behind the screen and GPU just in case if they got loose and if that doens't work, try another HDMI cable.

Also, are you using Google Chrome?  If so, try uninstalling that.
2020/01/18 00:24:32
This is a odd issue. Being it started when you did updates and everything was fine till then, im willing to bet it has to be one of those updates conflicting with your settings in windows/drivers etc... Something, or a bunch of things, got reset to defaults. Was there windows updates? Were these auto updates or did you do a manual update yourself for something? Did you remove geforce experience? Have you tried switching to two hdmi cables instead of DP cables? DP seems to make alot of issues crop up for people for some reason and hdmi not as much. Make sure you get certified cables and that they are under 15 foot.

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