2020/01/17 12:44:39
Just recently purchased a RTX 2060 super XC Ultra and for some reason my card was getting really hot with very little load in the mid-to-high 60s so I decided to go ahead and purchase the HC block since I have water cooling in my tower I figured it would be easy enough to just add a GPU water block and fix the cooling problem the issue became apparent once I removed the air cooler from the GPU There is almost no contact between the GPU and the heat sink I further confirm this trying to connect the HC water block to the Super XE Ultra and realized there is a gap between the GPU die and the HC water block plate a big enough Gap that I could probably take three sheets of paper stacked and slide them back and forth so at this point I'm at a loss both items were bought directly from EVGA and I believe since the heating issue with the card were there before I bought the H C water block but the problem is with the card not the aftermarket GPU waterblock as you can see from the image of the original heat sink there is almost no Die contact with the cooling plate never mind the picture it's not letting me upload the image it just locked me in at 51% and doesn't move
2020/01/17 13:05:35
Cool GTX
Check thermal pads & other points of contact for interference
Keep you photos small <200 KB or use a host site like imgur
Ultimate Self-Starter Thread For New Members
2020/01/17 15:03:04
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