2019/12/31 23:04:44
So tonight after dinner thought I'd fire up my gaming rig and play a bit and after an hour I decided to take a break and walked away from the pc for about 10 minutes. I came back to my unit and after a couple mouse clicks I got a BSOD with a Faulty Hardware stop code. The pc then tried to fix itself and rebooted but I heard a bunch of beeps and I quickly shut down the pc. I turned it off then tried to restart the pc and now no posting happens. Regardless of what I try nothing is working but I can see motherboard lights are on. A friend of mine suggested the power supply probably died but as I put in the title this is a less than 1 year old 850w P2 Platinum. I've never run into this before so I have no experience to go by on it. Is there a testing procedure? How do I tell if its the psu or something else? Sorry just not run into this before. 
2020/01/01 00:00:06
1. What Mobo/CPU/RAM do you have?
2. Is anything overclocked?
3. What was the Stop Code?
2020/01/01 01:53:54
Try starting the system with your video card removed from the system.
2020/01/01 02:23:42
Try starting the system with your video card removed from the system.

Yep yep 
That was going to be my suggestion after I knew if his CPU had iGPU graphics to use instead..Otherwise he might get stopped on a POST code/beeps saying there's no graphics detected..If so, then to try another known-good video card.
2020/01/01 02:41:01
If you are seeing lights on the motherboard it's probably not the PSU since the PSU is giving the motherboard power to turn on the light. It is possible it's still the PSU but I would focus on something else.
What I would do is try to make the computer as basic as you can to run windows. Remove all but one stick of memory and unplug all but the C: drive. Check all cables for a secure snug fit to make sure nothing is loose. If the motherboard has on board video use that and remove the video card. The idea is to rule out what could be the issue by having the least hardware in the system and seeing if you get any light code display on the motherboard or what the beep code sounds like. You can also try moving the RAM to other slots or try putting in another stick to see if it's a memory issue.
In the event you get the system to boot to windows you can then add hardware in one piece at a time and see if the system boots into windows. You will likely run into the issue doing these steps.
2020/01/01 09:14:20
Thanks everyone! I'll start one by one through those suggestions as I've never run into this before it seemed a logical place to start.
My build is the following:
MSI Z390 Meg Ace motherboard
GSkill TridentZ RGB 16gb 3600 ddr4 ram
Intel i7-9700k cpu
Corsair H150i cooler
EVGA 2080ti Black
EVGA 850w P2 Platinum psu
Samsung 970 Pro m.2 512gb
WD 2tb hdd
From the question in the first post:
1. What Mobo/CPU/RAM do you have?  listed above
2. Is anything overclocked? yes the CPU is overclocked 
3. What was the Stop Code? Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page
So I've unplugged the unit, reseated the power cord, and after restarting it does nothing. It acts like it is completely dead. Not a flicker not a sound..nothing.

2020/01/01 09:35:03
Wow, really weird that mobo doesn't have any video connectors (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA) on it so that you can take out the 2080ti and use the built-in CPU graphics in the i7-9700K..If you have or can get an known-good video card, try that..Or try yours in another PC, or take it to a PC repair shop for testing.
But clear CMOS and see if that matters.
2020/01/01 09:43:08
I have a good EVGA 1080 FTW in a box that I can use I guess. However I can't even get the pc to boot to go to safe mode. 
2020/01/01 09:45:28
I have a good EVGA 1080 FTW in a box that I can use I guess. However I can't even get the pc to boot to go to safe mode. 

Definitely worth a try..That could be the problem.
2020/01/01 09:45:39
Umm.. out of curiosity, why couldn't you use the USB-C as a video out?  I know spending money on a USB-C to hdmi/displayport cable isn't optimal, but if you have a phone that already has USB-c, then the cable could be useful in numerous ways.  Since USB-c can support an entire docking station with numerous display outputs, why wouldn't this motherboard allow video out through the USB-c?
Did MSI  actually take the time to disable display out from USB-C?

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