2019/12/24 17:07:18
It is not a set up issue. The card has already been proven defective. I have an RMA for a defective sound card happening now.
2019/12/24 17:19:25
Well I can tell you this is not a wide spread issue as in all cards are defective as you seem to have implied. Glad to hear you contacted EVGA support👍

The Good News is, soon you will be up and enjoying your card!
2019/12/24 17:23:49
I never said all cards are defective.
2019/12/24 18:02:58
These need to be in the initial startup for the card to work properly.
Startup has to have these:
Yes Startup User EVGA NU Audio Card.lnk EVGA C:\Program Files (x86)\EVGA\NU Audio Card\NUA.exe
Yes HKLM:Run NahimicAPI Svc32 EVGA_NahimicAPI "C:\Program Files\EVGA_NahimicAPI\x86\EVGA_NahimicAPISvc32.exe" /start all /silent
Yes HKLM:Run NahimicAPI Svc64 EVGA_NahimicAPI "C:\Program Files\EVGA_NahimicAPI\EVGA_NahimicAPISvc64.exe" /start all /silent
Yes Service EVGA system information Service C:\Program Files (x86)\EVGA\NU Audio Card\AudioService.exe
2019/12/24 18:45:21
Have you tried the just updated drivers?

Hi Everyone, here's the latest driver for the NU Audio Card.  This fixes driver crashes when switching from DSD playback.  There are other issues we are currently working on, but this is what we have today.
Release Notes (v0.2.1.5):
  • Updates firmware to 0x31
  • Fixes Audio crash after DSD playback
Let us know what you think, or if you run into any issues.  If you are using an older version of Windows and are running into one of these issues, please let me know and I will look into it.  However, please only request this if you are experiencing these issues.
2019/12/24 18:57:27
Who are you talking to ? I already have a thread where I was discussing the issues with my Nu Audio Pro 7.1. The drivers and firmware you just put up are for the Nu Audio non pro card. My card was already proven to be defective in the analog section. Again, it is not a user issue. The card I got is defective.
2019/12/24 19:45:25
I have my card registered but the upgrade page tells me 

Then when I go to try and register it again, it says my card is already registered. I bought the card January 21, 2019 am I not eligible for the upgrade?
2019/12/24 22:07:19
Sorry Danny,
thought it was for the 7.1 my bad.

I guess I just didn't appreciate you attacking EVGA on these forums as in causing them damage and potential loss of sales on the new 7.1 sound card. You could of waited until after you worked with EVGA support and completed the RMA process before you acted out here.

Kinda childish if you ask me.
2019/12/24 22:27:48
I did not attack anyone. I just stated that I was dissatisfied with the fact that I got a defective card. However, I did use foul language in my original post. I should not have done that.
2019/12/25 00:56:40
I think when you say/write/post things like waste of money, garbage, complete trash, and totally broken...
to me, this sounds like an attack to EVGA brand to me.

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