2019/12/06 11:35:43
Just upgraded from 980 ti and games keeps crashing after a few minutes of play. Also getting some studder effects even though fps are well above 60 fps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Intel Core i7-3770K
32 gb ddr3 ram
Windows 10 home 64bit
Latest Gforce driver installed 441.41
asrock fatal1ty z68 professional gen3 motherboard
Bios updated on Mobo and issue remains, even with no overclocking
eVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Ultra
eVGA 850 watt power supply
2019/12/06 11:39:10
Did you ddu your drivers?
2019/12/06 11:42:01
Yes I did ddu the drivers
2019/12/06 11:47:07
Battlefield V multiplayer crashes on load screen every time. i can get the solo missions to work but they usually crash within a few minutes. Other games I have tried:
Fortnite- multiplayer will load but crashes after a few minutes of play
Witcher 3- Oddly enough seems to work fine other than a little studder
COD Black ops 4- Crashes after a few minutes of play
2019/12/06 12:01:40
Do you still have the 980 ti? If yes, does it still work just fine in the system? If yes, the 2070 is faulty.
2019/12/06 12:38:47
I think i may have found the culprit. Either webroot or netgear genie readyshare vault. I disabled both and was able to get into a MP game of BFV. Will report back after further testing.
2019/12/06 12:51:58
Eh, looks like that was a fluke. Just crashed again. I guess I will have to return the card. But i do have one question: Could it be that the card is just too new for my system? My mobo and cpu are pretty dated now and I'm on ddr3 ram. Thoughts?
2019/12/06 12:56:39
Doubt it. You could always test the card in another pc to confirm.
2019/12/06 12:57:59
Maybe just a bad apple then. I'm seeing a lot of reports on google that others are experiencing similar issues with these cards.
2019/12/06 19:14:22
Well i'm sad to report that it wasn't the card. i replaced it with a step up- the 2080 Super Ultra and it's even worse. BFV won't start at all so it's obvious that there must be some sort of power problem. Either a bad Power supply or Mobo. thoughts?

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