2019/12/04 06:01:11
Hey everyone. I know this is a dumb question, but I just want to double check. Is the hydrocopper block the only compatible full waterblock for the card? I saw on xdevs that it has the same dimensions and GPU location of a reference card... would this mean a third party waterblock that fits a 2080 Ti reference card could fit the Kingpin as well?
I got the card at the end of the summer and planned to purchase the hydrocopper block only to find them sold out. After looking for like two months I've given up on the hydrocopper and am planning on using a universal GPU only block, but wanted to double check after reading that on xdevs. 

This is my first foray into a custom loop having only used AIO's in previous builds so figured I'd double check my assumption that the only full block option for the card is the kpe hydrocopper.
2019/12/04 06:38:52
This would be your only option outside of the Kingpin block
2019/12/04 06:44:41
Yup, thats what I figured, thanks!
I've been going over that thread a bunch and that is what I am planning on doing, but before ordering the gpu block I wanted to double check.

2019/12/04 08:02:37
So I did a little digging this morning (slow day at work) and found references to a Bykski waterblock for the 2080 Ti Kingpin, doesn't look like it supports the OLED.
The product ID is: N-EV2080TIKP-X 
I cant post links but if you google the product ID there will be a few hits. I couldn't find reference to it on Bykski's sites, just through various third party vendors and on AliExpress/Ebay. So I dont know, I'd probably wait and see if it shows up on official channels. 
I know they made a block for the 1080 Ti KPE though.
Does anyone have any experience with their blocks?

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2019/12/04 15:23:17
I asked around on reddit about bykski blocks and they seem to be rather good quality most of the time, around same as EK. One of the biggest watercooling manufacturer in Asia along with Barrow. I ordered this block through a german site (since I live in EU). Will be getting it in january tho because it came out like 2 weeks ago. I do have a KP block myself but its been nothing but trouble and bad contact with GPU die so I want to try another block to see if that will work better.
2019/12/04 15:48:21
Will be interesting to see what happens.
2019/12/04 15:49:48
I know when it's time to flush the system I'll prob remove the block and see about sanding down the block posts a tad to see if the added pressure gets me closer to room temp hehe.
2019/12/04 18:03:25
I emailed Bykski's U.S. distributor today and I guess the card wasn't even on their radar yet, but they said that they will put in an order for some and should have them in a few weeks as well.

Mcwrah Ill be interested in hearing your impressions once you get your hands on it. 
2019/12/04 18:11:51
Yeah the shipping takes a long time (they are expected to get them around 28th of december). Will update either my thread on KP or write here or something when I get it. In the meantime I might do some stuff with my KP block to see if I can get it to mount better.
2019/12/05 16:51:43
I know when it's time to flush the system I'll prob remove the block and see about sanding down the block posts a tad to see if the added pressure gets me closer to room temp hehe.

The standoffs will unscrew and are the same thread size as the EK blocks. I was going to swap them around at one point, but IIRC I would have had to machine material from above the chokes to make it sit lower. I don't remember if just not using thermal pads on the chokes would have been sufficient. 

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