2019/12/03 01:02:35
Do you turn ECO on or off?

I actually totally forgot about the ECO on/off. While i was gaming i encounter below issues. 
1. my PSU keep turn on the fan for 5 seconds and off.  
2. randomly shutdown 
Later i realized i can turn off ECO since then i haven't encounter any restart/shut down problem. 
Dell XP 8700
i7- 4700 3.4ghz
12GB rams 
RTX 2060 super dual SC
850 G5 80 gold+
2019/12/03 02:32:09
Sounds like you may have a faulty PSU there, the ECO mode being on or off shouldn't cause system restarts or shut downs.
The fan should kick in once the PSU reaches a certain temperature/load and should remain on until the temp drops again.
Are you able to test the PSU in a different system to see if you still have the same issues with it?
2019/12/03 06:25:57
I only got one system. But the eco on is very annoying while I was gaming because it will hit between 50-55+C and the psu fan keep running for few seconds then off and repeat.

I agree it won’t cause restart or shut down but if the psu is not on then create a lot of heat for my system.
2019/12/03 07:16:10
ECO mode shouldn't have anything to do with the randomly shutting down... That would seem to indicate another problem. 
I did see 1 interesting read about PSU replacements needs from the DELL support site - about certain reqs. for the rails...
I will do a small copy/paste of it....
The system needs 20W on the +5vsb because it supports more than 8 gigs of ram and S3 power mode.

The system needs 25 to 30 Amps on the 5V rail and 17 to 25A on the 3.3v rail and around 130 to 150w combined minimum for that rail set.

The EPS specification unlike the ATX specification says that 5VSB is 4AMPS or even 6AMPS and that 5V is guaranteed 30AMPS and the combined Rails 170W for a reason. If you look carefully at All the models from 305W to 1000W or more the 12v rails are separated into 18 Amp Sets. The 5VSB is 4A and the 5V is 25 to 32 Amps the 3.3v is 17 to 30Amps, the -12v is constant .3A to 1A and the Number of 12v rails grows as the wattage Grows. The other thing to be watching is that the +5v/3.3v goes from 150 to 170 to 225W for the various dell power supplies. Dell M1J3H 525w

Several Suggested Power supplies have 130 or 120 or less than 100W for the 5v/3.3v rails which lead to issues or even damage if the power supply doesn't have over voltage over current crowbar protection. That can lead to 100 percent Fried system including but not limited to dead cpu, dead ram, dead hard drive, dead video card, motherboard fire and over all dead done stick a fork in its over.

Recommendations should be made on the basis of SPEC for ALL Rails not a single 12v Rail Spec of total Watts.

2019/12/29 22:09:57
Wierd, maybe I will try that,as mine is shutting down. If that fixes it, then RM A time I guess!!
2019/12/29 23:08:02
That didn't help me. I am currently on my 1300G2, so far so good

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