2019/12/01 19:17:41
Hello everyone. I keep looking at the compatibility list and keep getting confused because of G1 with no +

I'm trying to finish a build as a Christmas present for a good friend I purchased a
750 watt G+ psu

The problem is the gpu is an 8 + 6 pin the G+ only has 8 pin vga cables no split pin 8 + 8.... it's a 5700xt sapphire pulse that needs the cable.

I have a fresh cable on hand for a 750 watt g3 supernova since I did a build for another friend like 6 months ago just gonna buy him a new cable if it works.

I would like to know if the cables:
1)VGA G+
2) VGA G3

Are the same besides one being 8 + 8 and the other being just 8.

I already tested the card on my rig +8 wont work 8+6 it worked but I have a sea sonic 1250 titanium. I know those are not compatible.

If someone could answer the question about the 2 psu cables that would be awesome all the build is waiting on is power... everything else is done
2019/12/02 02:04:38
Are the G+ and G3 cables compatible/interchangeable?
And the answer is... that's affirmative.
See: Which EVGA Modular Cables are compatible with my PSU? in the EVGA FAQs.
But if you really wanted to be sure, you could connect it to the PSU and check the pinout voltages (sense terminals are ground)on the component-end with an everyday ordinary el cheapo digital multimeter you can buy for 10 bones or so at almost any auto parts store, Walmart, wherever..Or Contact EVGA Customer Service.
2019/12/31 15:07:42
The B3/G2/G3/GP/GM/P2/PQ and T2 all share the same pinout and the cables  & &     can / & / &   be s wapped around.

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