2019/11/28 16:30:41
I just ordered the 1000 T2 psu and I am currently using the 1300 G2. Am I correct in the assumption that the modded cables I have are compatible with the T2 and the G2?
2019/11/28 16:49:42
Cool GTX
Check under the Compatibility Tab
If the set of Cable you already have is Listed under Both of these PSU - you are Good to Go
2019/11/28 18:29:16
It shows to be, I just want to confirm from someone else as well. Especially from evga
2019/11/29 09:14:26
yes they work fine. I had the 1300 watt as well and moved to the 1000 watt t2 cables can be used on both just fine
2019/11/29 09:25:33
Cool GTX
EVGA Technical Support will be closing in observance of Thanksgiving Day at 10PM PST on November 27th and will reopen on Saturday at 9:00 AM PST on November 30th.
Give them a call if you want
2019/11/29 09:42:24
I should of stated I'm using the https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=100-CK-1300-B9 as you can see on the compatibility list they work on both psu's just fine. 
2019/11/29 11:27:41
Thanks guys! I just wanted to verify. Those cables are not cheap. $90, and I wanted black and grey to match my Phanteks enthoo Evolv X anthricte grey case

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