2019/11/26 09:48:36
so it could be a bios issue...that could be possible, i read that new ryzen have still issues with mb
it's a longshot but i really doubt that the psu is bad, it's only 5 months old
plus i can reproduce the error with occt, but in normal use (heavy gaming and more) i have 0 issue, so it could be even occt fault or some driver still "old"...the only game with problems was wh40k inquisitor martyr but from what i read around is full of bugs...
2019/11/26 10:30:48
Give this a shot...
#1 Open device manager and disable your gpu.
#2 Run the OCCT power supply test with your gpu disabled.
Does your system crash?
2019/11/26 10:48:44
still crash with
the hell is this ntoskrnl.exe+1c14c0??
2019/11/26 10:53:42
Was that with the gpu disabled in device manager?
2019/11/26 11:04:12
Yes, done with vga disabled
2019/11/26 11:13:33
Sounds like your system is suffering from multiple problems. Boot into safe mode, open device manager, make sure your gpu's are disabled. Run the OCCT power supply test, and report back if you crash or not.
2019/11/26 11:26:20
test worked in safe mode for 1 minute with gpu disabled and enabled
when in safe mode "microsft hyper-v" and "microsoft wawetable" drivers have yellow mark in device manager
2019/11/26 11:44:44
Based on what you have said throughout this whole thread I would say your gpu & psu are ok, and that your system is suffering from a driver corruption issue. I'd suggest doing a clean install of windows using the media creation tool, and then retesting with the occt power supply test after getting windows reinstalled. Use the default windows drivers that windows provides to you when rerunning the occt power supply test.
2019/11/26 11:53:09
I will try as soon as I can and let you know, thanks
2019/11/26 11:53:51
No problem. Looking forward to your results.

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